Grown Ups 2 (2013) Film Review

 A witty tale based on the lives of four men who are now grown up. As simple as that.

Or is it?

Grown ups 2 follows the story of Lenny (Adam Sandler), Eric (Keven James), Kurt (Chris Rock) and Marcus (David Spade). With moving back to their hometown in LA, each of the families attempt to settle in, where they begin to face their own conflicts. From grown up sons to cowardliness to weird bus drivers. Dennis Dugan gives us a whole new take on extreme comedy where we are left gawking. But definitely not in the good way.

Indeed Grown ups 2 contains our favourite comedians intertwined with a simple storyline, which unfortunately fails to please. Having watched the first film (several of times) I have to admit that it was one of my favourites and quite frankly the sequel was disappointing.

Frat Guy: “Hey, this is Kappa Eta Sigma property.”

The humour was top notch, but quite extreme at times and slightly over acting. There was no storyline whatsoever and the plot was purely drained. At one point I was confused and questioned what was actually going on in the film. With a great start of introducing the ‘Grown Ups’ and their families, the film held a promising sight. However, I spoke to soon, as since we got introduced to Nick (the sleepy bus driver), the film lost its track.

“hahaha I’m not drunk”

There was a number of new characters in the story whom were honestly irrelevant, thus adding to that ambiguity. Officer Fluzoon (Shaq), Frat boy Andy (Taylor Lautner), the “whaaaat” family, were all forcefully placed in the film and quite frankly became irritating. The contrast between the young and old was hardly evident. We were shown no chemistry between the families, slight friendship morals and simply lack of the punch.

On a lighter note, the four friends were great. The comedic twists were heavily enunciated, where Sandler was hilarious. They all brought their own personas and lets just say got ‘ickier’. Jumping into the pool naked, aiming to do the sneeze/burp/fart tricks and having their “normal” talks on the school bus, definitely gave the film a new genre.

Overall, I was definitely expecting more from Dennis Duggan. The film lacked story and focused way too much on getting the comedy right. Instead of growing up, the jokes were far too immature. With unnecessary characters and a yawning plot in place, we became bored and confused easily.

My Rating: 4/10

Written by: Meera Darji

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