Holiday (2014) Film Review

Director, A.R Murugadoss brings to us a exciting action film starring Bollywood’s favourite; Akshay Kumar and romance special; Sonakshi Sinha.

Captain Viraat Bakshi (Akshay Kumar), member of the Indian Army travels back home to visit his family for his holiday. Yet, his reunion with his family begins with being dragged to see a girl for marriage (because that’s just normal in India). Sitting there in his khaki uniform and muddy boots, along comes a traditional young girl, Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha) whom comes across as respectful and ‘good’. Though, Viraat is looking for someone opposite, so he declines. Surprisingly, Saiba turns out be the not-so-good-girl and in fact is the opposite of what we visually see. As this banter goes on between the two, Viraat truly shows his Indian Army personality where it’s true, he never goes off duty. With the city being attacked by bombs, Viraats mission is to unravel the main terrorist of these doings.

Akshay Kumar plays a very likable character, where his passion for his career and country shines through. He thrives to beat these terrorists and so cleverly plans trick on how to capture the sleeper cells. From moments of his very own stunts to humorous dialogue, Akshay Kumar doesn’t fail to entertain us (no-pun intended). The ingenuity of Viraat makes the audience think more about the trickery, thus when the suspense is unraveled we’re pleased with the outcome. It feels as if Viraat plays a one-man army, though his sidekick friend/Sub Inspector Mukund (Sumeet Raghavan) plays part of the audience’s brain where we question his motifs.


Holiday is a very straightforward film where there’s neither complexity nor confusion. It’s simple in its making where the motive is to find the boss of these sleeper cells and once and for all destroy these terrorists. Although I expected it to be this cat-mouse chase, it turned out to be entirely different. Murugadoss focuses on the duties of an Indian Army and thus how they differ from the India Police. Without causing havoc or involving masses of officers, Viraat pursues a goal in which he manages to reach. Indeed, innocent lives are lost yet that’s the reality of life and not all can be saved, this of which Viraat reinforces. Though, the fact that he keeps this game under-cover brings out something different in the film compared to other blockbusters like; Singham (2011), Special 26 (2013) and Gunday (2014).


Unfortunately, the only thing that lets Holiday down is the flat romance moments. Its all too unreal and glitzy, where even though its gives us moments away from the drama, it doesn’t fulfill the reality. Akshay and Sonakshi’s chemistry in the film is lacking, whereby the comedic sparks make them closer, but other than that there’s not much necessary for the film. Honestly, it slightly distracts Viraat from his mission, whereby Siaba, well Sonakshi becomes in the way and irritating at times. Her battiness in her character and immaturity brings her persona down and makes her character less likeable.

The villain, Farhad played by Freddy Daruwala partially seems fearless yet he comes across as visually more of a hero rather than a villain. He seems to be pretty familiar with all these bomb-makings, yet when it comes to facing Viraat, he shows his weaker side. Conventionally, as Viraat battles him to fight, his ego gets to the better of him. There’s a point where Viraat commands the villain’s workers to drop their guns into the sea, in which they do so without hesitation – would that really happen?


Overall, Holiday is a great action flick, yet there’s no space nor time for romanticizing elements which ultimately ruin parts of the film. Sonakshi Sinha plays an objectifying role that is irrelevant and unnecessary, Akshay alone as the main protagonist is enough. The police hardly are involved and thus don’t receive credit for any results, which I believe could be a good thing. Carefully Murugadoss puts in the fact that involving the Indian Police could lead to political treatery where we all should assume that Police Officers tend to accept bribes and secretly support the villains. Likewise, Govinda’s guest performance is a sweet bonus which adds to the humour. Lastly, Holiday outwins the negative pointers due to Akshay Kumar’s thought-provoking performance.

My Rating: 7.5/10
Written by: Meera Darji

4 thoughts on “Holiday (2014) Film Review

  1. Hi Meera –

    I saw this one back in July when it opened. I think I am agreement with 2/3’s of what you expressed. While the romance of Sonakshi and Akshay’s characters was more flat than fizzy, and the fight action was exciting – I thought the film spent too much time glorifying the army at the expense of the police. I also believe that Viraat/Akshay’s actions were more than likely illegal.

    I’ve seen Akshay in a number of films and liked him best in Special 26 and Patiala House which is about Cricket and is set in London/Southhall. Maybe Im just not a fan of super-heroes as I generally avoid films of that nature.

    I loved Sonakshi in Lootera but she wasn’t given a whole lot to work with in this film. I’ll blame that on the script..

    Looking forward to more of your reviews,

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment and reading. Yes, I agree, the film was a good action but what let me down was the flat and unnecessary romance – Sonakshi wasn’t even needed in the film. Both those films you’ve mentioned are great, Akshay Kumar is a great actor, still need to watch Entertainment. Thanks.

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