Dhoom 3 (2013) Film Review

With a hit films Dhoom and Dhoom 2, Vijay Krishna Acharya brings us another super fast, action sequence in Dhoom 3. Releasing around Christmas time, in only 8 days, Dhoom 3 broke the Bollywood film record of crossing the 100 crore mark at the overseas box office. Acclaimed to be one of the top grossing films of 2013, Dhoom 3 is definitely one not to be missed.

Newly introduced actor, Siddharth Nigam as young Sahir begins the film by selling silver earrings in exchange for some dollars. His father Iqbal Khan’s (Jackie Shroff) motif is to save The Great Indian Circus by convincing the harsh bank owners. Both father and son give it their all in their ultimate performance, hoping for a positive response. With a never-seen-before act performance, they are certain to have claimed victory. However, Chicago Bank owner, Anderson feels otherwise. With an unkind rejection, Shroff can no longer take disapproval. Dhoom 3 follows the journey of Sahir’s revenge to Anderson, with a surprising twist in the middle.

Dhoom 3 has its own pacing, with moments of fast paced sequences in contrast to dramatic conversation scenes. Although the story gradually unfolds, character development is precisely accomplished, thus where the suspense is satisfying. This whole concept of revenge and catching the thief is it’s prime focus (and always has been), where the film is quite fun rather than serious.

Amir Khan as Sahir brings the film to life, where his believable performance sets us on the edge, leaving us gawking at the screen. With his previous hit films; 3 Idiots and Ghajini, Khan clearly reflects his versatility through his acting. The talent to merge into a specific character so authentically is evident through his gestures, dialogue and profound expressions. Amir Khan truly brings the action as well as emotion through his performance. Dashing through the city with his motorcycle, focusing on his gadgets and always thinking one step ahead, Sahir gives us a thrill but also a few chills.

Indian cops, Jay dixit (Abhishek Bachan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) portray the perfect partners, where bromance overtakes in a funny way. Uday Chopra has this epic style of talking, definitely sparking the comedy. Indeed, there are moments where Ali’s focus is on women rather than the criminal and its true he lacks the knowledge Jay has, but his quirky, immature persona is likeable.

Likewise, Jai Dixit, the powerful cop despises criminals, a person who can never make friends but only enemies. He hates being wronged and needs answers fast. Though this determined enthusiasm drives the action and compels hatred between two characters. A focus to capture this criminal and to put an end to these bank heists is Jai’s motive, where he believes in his sixth sense and tries his best to defeat the antagonist.

Set in Chicago, Cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee captures the city so finely, making you simple eager to visit. The aerial shots, accompanied with one point perspective shots of buildings, skyscrapers and wide roads are beautifully shot, releasing this sense of space and openness. Establishing shot of the Chicago train with a snowing ambience was beautiful, emphasizing the time of Christmas and holidays. In addition shots such as; the extreme close up of Shroff’s face, Sahir meeting his young self, Chicago scape in the night and the bridge at the end, were all memorable.

Dhoom 3 integrated fine editing techniques, VFX and CGI effects where majority looked very real. The technical aspect and stunts were exhilarating, truly giving you a ride. Having said that, there were a few let downs, where the green screen shots were noticeable and a few flying scenes looked unrealistic. Likewise, the film contained a few hiccups, where continuity lacked (Something I noticed, but my family didn’t). We were also bombarded with product placement such as; Mountain Dew and BMW, which almost were impossible to go unnoticed. Lastly, although Katrina Kaif portrayed a stunning character and quite a sweet persona, I felt her role in the film was limited. I guess every Bollywood film has an item girl, where Kaif became the eye candy of Dhoom 3. But it would have been great to have seen her with more dialogue or even portray a stronger character as a female.

Despite these few criticisms, Dhoom 3 is definitely a great entertainment film, which is strengthened with Amir Khan’s fine acting. The establishing dance number was engaging and beautifully choreographed along with the beat. Newcomer Sidharth Nigam also deserves credit as young Sahir, whom adorably bring his performance to life. Likewise the film has definitely made me want to visit Chicago, especially that colourful theme park. Lets just say, Acharya made the right decision in banning a spoof trailer, as I always believe that the suspense should be kept a suspense.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: Meera Darji

3 thoughts on “Dhoom 3 (2013) Film Review

    1. Really? Well they were mostly about two cops chasing a smart thief, whom have skill on motorbikes. Dhoom 3 is good 🙂

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