Believe (TV Series) 2014

*Currently on episode 6*

After watching the promo for Believe, I was immediately intrigued to watch the pilot. The fast paced action along with the inexplicit element of supernatural sci-fi got my attention.

Believe follows the story of a gifted young girl, Bo Adams. With special powers and a magical touch, Bo is one not to miss yet one most wanted. With orders to protect her, Bo is faced a survival journey with a prison escapee. As they unravel dangerous situations, discover new possibilities, their relationship strengthens.

I really enjoyed the pilot episode, where the action almost started immediately all in one take. We’re faced with conflict and decisions to make, constantly filled with enigmas.

Johnny Sequoyah as Bo Adams is a memorable little girl whom heaves kindness. Her different yet special qualities are realistically portrayed where her performance is breathtaking. The moments where she manifests power and accomplishes the impossible, leaves us gawking at the screen and thirsty for more. Bo is always thinking, wondering but most of all helping. As the episodes unravel, Bo discovers a healing power in uniting people, friendships and ultimately solving problems.

Accompanying her journey of survival is nonetheless an ex-con or as we would say falsely labeled as a criminal. Jake McLaughlin as Tate incredibly moves the scene and creates action. His bravado attitude yet confident streak makes him more interesting. We know secrets he has yet to discover and thus the anticipation is gripping.

Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Friedman create a magical narrative integrated with flashbacks taking us through a non-linear format of the story. We’re introduced to different characters in every episode, manifesting new stories, relationships and discoveries. It’s a cute little story which leaves you feeling warm hearted.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Written By: Meera Darji



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