How I met your mother (Series wrap up) 2005+

As you may or may not know, the hit US series ‘How I met your Mother’ created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, has come to an end.

After watching the season finale episode last week, I was of course sad to the fact that one of my favourite shows was finishing. But as the same time, I was pretty disappointed with the actual last episode format. Don’t get me wrong, I know its like only a 30 minute show, well 27 minutes to be exact, but I still felt like the characters’ stories or futures weren’t explored as much. I expected a snippet of Barney’s future wife, living with his children, Lilly and Marshal’s progressed life, are they still in the US or did they end up moving to Italy? Is he still a Judge? How about Tracy, we heard her upsetting end through Ted’s voice-over, but we didn’t exactly see it happen or be present at the funeral (Though recent news states that the funeral of Tracy did not make it to the final cut).

Anyway, I don’t want to mourn over how the last episode could have been filmed or how it went down. Honestly, How I met your Mother was a great show. Running for 9 years long we literally became part of their family where the characters grew up with us. From the spectacular script, the unique episodes and realistic narrative, we were gripped.

I wanted to take the time out to talk about a few of the ‘best moments’ and characters of How I met your mother.


First of all, the show couldn’t have been made without Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), the longing architect and fussy girlfriend chooser. The one that was mostly always single, but the one that always had a fantastic story. Ted’s like one of the friends you’ve always wanted. I mean come on, you can sword fight with him, he’ll appreciate your gifts, he can keep a secret and has the best Halloween costume.


Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), the character who brought the ‘legen’ to the wait for it ….. ‘dary’, kept the humour sparking through each episode. Barney’s slapstick comedy and constant banter was entertaining to watch, where you would always end up laughing at the most spontaneous remarks he came out with. Barney was like this character we fully knew but didn’t at the same time. We never really got to know his job until the very end of the series, we sometimes didn’t know when he was telling the truth or lying. Though it was nice to see his character grow and be present at the time when he was committed in a relationship.


Lilly (Alyson Hannigan), the friend thats always there for you, in both the good times and the bad. From the whole gang, Lilly’s the most understandable person, whereby she won’t judge you. Though be careful, as Lilly struggles to keep a secret, she’s a bit of a blabber. A great artist, wonderful mother and hot-tempered person, she won’t keep quiet if she knows she’s right.


Marshall (Jason Segal), the person who invented the phrase ‘You just got lawyered’ is Ted’s best friend. Oh and of course Baney’s too. Marshall tries his hardest to keep his wife, Lilly happy as well as reaching for his goal to become a Judge. Oh and did I mention his slaps are hardcore.


Robin (Cobie Smulders), the one who can’t make up her mind. Indeed Robin’s been in both Ted’s life as well as Barney’s, but what she really wants well we find out towards the end of the series. Throughout the whole season one thing is for sure, Robin knows what she wants as a career. We see her go up and down this job ladder, where she finally lands herself a job as a News presenter and works all the way for it. Robin always gets picked on for her Canadian roots, her Pop sensation phase and her serious killer father.


I can’t go without mentioning the ultimate Mother – Tracy (Cristin Milioti). From the sweet smile to the things she had in common with Ted, Tracy ticked all of our boxes of what we were expecting. Her simple persona and iconic objects, such as the yellow umbrella, bass and having a similar lifestyle to Ted, made her more likeable.

Now lets get down to some of the best moments from How I met your Mother:

  • The slap bet. You never know when it’s coming, but when it does, ouch it definitely leaves a mark. Poor Barney.

  • The rehearsal dinner episode where we all fall for Barney’s tricks. It clearly proves his acting skills – he surely can lure you into the unreal.

  • The Canada jokes (though I don’t always get them, as I’ve never visited Canada- but want to).
  • The zitch dog game.
  • The Zitch dog game brings to to the tape stuck in Marshalls car – ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles’ by The Proclaimers. Ahh that song never gets old.

  • Barney’s house. How cool are some of those gadgets?

  • Marshall’s family’s salad recipe. #Mayo

  • Ted’s Halloween/fancy dress costume. Pick a ballot.

  • Barney’s magic tricks and illusions. The flying birds.

  • Robin’s teen phase. Lets go to the shopping mall and play.

  • Detective Mosby.

  • The moment when we think we know who the mother is, but actually isn’t. Brown shoes and cupcake episode.
  • Barney truth-telling episode.
  • The yellow umbrella. #Fate

  • Red Boots.

  • Laser tag with Barney. Whoa someone can get competitive.

  • Suits musical.

  • The ugly half-roach, half mouse. Cockamouse.

  • Watching super-bowl the next day. Says a lot about social media nowadays.

  • Barney’s mother’s blouse.

  • Lilly as a goth.

  • High-fives.

  • Swarley.
  • The Interventions.

Okay, I think I’ll give it a stop there as I can clearly go on. But if I have missed any, give me a shout and I’ll add it in. How I met your Mother, will surely be missed but not forgotten.

My Rating: 9/10
Written by: Meera Darji

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