Her (2013) Film Review

Directed by Spike Jonze, Her is an incredible Drama film based on a writer whom manifests a relationship with his operating system. Nominated for 5 Oscars, another 41 wins and 51 nominations, Her definitely deserves all the credits.

Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Pheonix) continues his everyday job of writing letters and mourning about his soon-to-be ex wife Catherine (Rooney Mara). Living his lonely life, Theordore’s predominant communication is with his advanced technical computer which prompts him of emails, news, messages etc. After discovering a new OS just released, Theodore purchases it and is introduced to his new OS; Samantha. Samantha isn’t any old ‘Siri’ whom just tells you the weather and reminds him of emails, Samantha is something completely different. The way she works is incredible. Her voice (Scarlett Johansson) is intriguing and is very much close to a human. Having constant ‘ordinary’ conversations with Theordore, they soon develop a close relationship which reaches to the next level.

Her is very effective in the way it’s thought out. Releasing at the perfect time anchoring the current climate of technology increasing, it could be relatable to so many. We all carry devices around with us, which to be honest some cannot survive without. Similarly, the loneliness stimulates Theodore to constantly communicate with Samantha, as though it’s his only real companion. This whole concept would seem ridicule in society, which in fact soon becomes slightly acceptable in Her. Thus reinforced by the amount of people whom have developed a relationship with their OS.

What I really like about Her, is the fact that their relationship seems so real and believable, where you can not help but want to see them live happily ever after. Of course, you wonder how living life together would be easy, yet they somehow manage to fulfill each other’s desires, where Samantha begins to develop a range of mixed feelings.

Joaquin mesmerisingly perpetuates this innocent yet very lonely man, whom deserves much more. Constantly having flashbacks with his ex-wife allows us to see how he was a good husband and curious about what could’ve possibly gone wrong apart from the obvious ‘change’. Phoenix has this likeable personality and answers all of our questions which we’re eager to find out about Samantha. Thus, the script moves the film forward, where every conversation is relevant. As well as Theordore exceeding a relationship with Samantha, the audience itself begins to see her as a real ‘person’ where we believe everything she says and detach her from this whole ‘computerised data’ system.

Her makes you think about where you stand in this advanced world. It makes you question whether the same could’ve happened to you. Interestingly, we merge this OS to a real human being, where we’re indulged by the shared interests. But are these interests coincidently true? Or are they manifested through your online presence. It makes you think about this virtual world to the cynical. Whilst we’re watching the film, we unconsciously begin to put a face to Samantha’s voice; she lures us to believing she’s real.

Overall, Her is an emotional film, which is simple in its motifs. With only a minor critic of how the film could have been shorter ultimately is weighed out by the fine performances by Joaquin and Scarlett Johansson whom bring this surreal story to life. Cleverly, Jonze explores a powerful concept, which gets the audience thinking and resulting with various unanswered questions. Her goes through this this whole life phase of being lonely through to finally having someone who cares about you. Definitely one to watch!

My Rating: 8.5/10
Written by: Meera Darji

10 thoughts on “Her (2013) Film Review

  1. Good review Meera. Yeah, I loved this movie and I loved what Jonze did with this premise, mainly by making it believable. Wish he made more movies, but I guess whenever we get to see him is fine, all because he always seems to deliver.

    1. Yeah I agree, its very believable and really gets you thinking about how technology is really moving fast today. Thanks for reading!

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