Carrie (2013) Film Review

Director Kimberly Pierce brings to us a remake of the horror classic, Carrie. An insightful tale on a supernatural teenager, Carrie White, does Pierce give justice to the classic?

Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) is an average teenage girl trying to get through her life in high school. But the thing is, Carrie isn’t average, she’s different, she stands out from the rest, she’s special. Carrie has a gift, she’s born with special abilities which contain strength and telekinesis powers. School sucks for Carrie, she’s constantly picked on and the bratty popular girls give her nothing but misery. And if that’s not enough, her home life is rough, where her crazy mother believes she’s a sin sent from hell. With no support from her bewitched mother, Carrie begins to disobey her and follows her gut. Though this decision ends up becoming a memorable night, where Carrie’s powers get out of hand.

Chloe realistically transforms into this strong yet weak character. Her abrupt facial expressions and closed social behavior makes us want to know more about Carrie. We sympathise towards how she is treated and despise those terrible schoolgirls. As Carrie discovers more of her powers, we start to see her feel slightly more confident with herself. Although she has this magnificent energy, the people around her don’t appreciate this fact and stick to calling her ‘weird’ and ‘creep’. Carrie’s special abilities don’t get justified, where we don’t see her using them for good. The repetitive kicking her down and leaving her behind makes her blood boil.

Carrie1Having said that, the plot twists in a very stereotypical way, where we have a hero, or somewhat of a hero. One of the girls, Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) notices her difference and tries to help her by giving her a chance to go on prom with her boyfriend, Tommy (Ansel Elgort). The night of the prom is beautiful and we celebrate Carrie’s happiness. Tommy makes her feel at ease and mostly notices her beauty. As all seems to be going well, until can you guess? Something stupid happens, one of previous girls who hates Carrie, Chris (Portia Doubleday) attempts to get her revenge

Carrie breaks.

The special effects and CGI is pretty impressive in Carrie. We long to see her powers and when she explodes, we adore the goriness visual. The scenes of the car crashing, road cracking and the roars of pushes are profoundly exciting. But there’s not enough. It’s like we’ve seen it all before, the books flying in mid air, the mirror shattering into pieces, its all recycled.

special effects

We despise Carrie’s mum (Julianne Moore). Yes, she’s the crazy one, the one that always telling Carrie to pray for no reason. We long to see her support Carrie, but she always shuts her off. Though, as the film goes by, Carrie learns to accept her powers and playing nice to her mother doesn’t seem to get the message across, so the other only option is violence. Zipping her mothers mouth off and using her strength to keep her away only makes us more closer to Carrie and agree with her actions. With help from Julianne’s wild hair, we get this eeriness through her character where her cold persona and sharp actions are noticeable. She almost reminds us of an evil witch.

Carrie's mum

Overall, Carrie contains a follow-through narrative focused on one main protagonist’ story. We gain insight on how her life is like and this build up to her explosive actions towards the end. We admire Carrie’s battle and appreciate her abilities. Chloe does a brilliant performance in the film, where her aggressiveness and untouchable strength makes you fear her actions yet plead to see more. Though, it lacks the edginess and danger you want to see. The explosive actions are neither frightening nor thrilling; it’s a neutral feeling and something you’ve seen before. Likewise, the remake follows a conventional narrative, this whole bullying, teenage phase where the rebels plan a huge mistake leading to an excruciating night – it’s a bit corny.

My Rating: 6/10
Written by: Meera Darji

3 thoughts on “Carrie (2013) Film Review

  1. Didn’t really do much for me except seem like the same old story, but this time, given a spin that makes it look a whole heck of a lot worse for Carrie herself. Good review Meera.

    1. Thanks for Reading Dan, I fully agree with you. It was quite a let down and not much of a horror, which I was disappointed with.

  2. I agree with your statement about Margaret: “She almost reminds us of an evil witch.” She is depicted as the villain, but for me, I felt compassion for Margaret because she is mentally ill, damaged, and broken. My interpretation of the film is that Carrie wasn’t born with special abilities. I wrote a short essay on the film called “A Warning to School Bullies.” I am open to any constructive feedback. If you would like to read it, here is the link:

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