Once Upon A Time (2011+ Series)

Once upon a time there was this faraway world called ‘Enchanted’ which was the home to all fairy tale characters. They each had their own magical tales, exciting journey’s and gravitating adventures. Though, along came the wicked evil queen, who snatched away their happiness. Striking a dangerous curse, she succeeded in trapping these poor characters into a fictional town, ‘Storybrook’. Mind brainwashed, forgotten history and unaware of their true identity, the Queen held the power of both her kingdoms. Though will she make it through, or will true love break the curse?

A magical, enriching fantasy Drama which truly takes you on this unforgettable journey. Creators, Adam Horowitz and Edwar Kitsis create this new dimension to fairy tales bringing them to the modern world with an exciting twist. With Sparks of romance, mystery tales, inevitable characters and elements of comedy, this show is a definite success.

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs

The character establishment is impeccable where in both worlds we receive the identical persona yet different perceptions. Its interesting, engaging and at the same time mind teasing. The thought gone into the story, screenplay and make up/costume design is mesmorising and definitely appreciated. All the small aspects and parts of the crew have resulted in a wholesome show. Stunning graphics and visual effects where the fairy tale aspect is truly immersed, literally inviting the audience within the journey.

An engaging tale which satisfies us every week, introducing new characters, locations, dark secrets, hidden chambers and much more! We’re in on this hunt for the queen, eager to break this curse and reimburse their memory. Finding out how they really are fictional characters is unforgettable, so believable and simply genius. Once upon a Time consists of several tales, which remind us of our bedtime stories and fairy tale books we used to read as kids. The bursts of flashbacks we receive are lovely where we thank the show for reminding us of our sweet childhood memories.

Every fairy tale character you name it is in this show. The character development is just phenomenal. From Cinderella, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beuaty, Snow White, the 7 Dwarfs, Rumpelstiltskin, Red Riding Hood, Prince Charming to of course the Evil queen. Each character is captured in its finest form, exploring their personas at all levels, allowing us to deeply get to know their strengths and weaknesses.


One of my favourite characters is Mr.Gold who indeed is Rumpelstiltskin. Played by Robert Carlyle who absolutely immerses into his role, where we feel it truly is him. His acting is profoundly believable and absorbed. The coldness in his character, yet the caring side is juxtaposed to create an actual human being. Sudden quirky laughs, high-pitched giggles, creepy pauses and his “Deary” voice are unforgettable. His goodness is overcome by his negative intentions where the evil inside him seems to be taking control.

Ginnifer Goodwin who plays Mary Margaret Blanchard also known as the brave yet soft Snow White is another great addition. Her gentleness and heart-warming presence in ‘Storybrook’ is admirable. Gladly her Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) is reunited with her, where their love is simply unconditional. His charming persona, this stoic, utter brave hero becomes very likeable to watch where undeniably we don’t dislike his stereotypical similarities.

Storybrook’s sheriff ‘Emma Swan’ (Jennifer Morrison) is undoubtedly a great actor and character. Her confusion is remarkable where we are

Emma Swan

literally in her shoes. Our guide on this journey is Emma where we build this ‘trust’ with her and believe her instincts. Now finally with the curse broken, Emma is aware who her parents are, however she still isn’t very used to. Imagine finding out that your mother and father are Snow White and Prince Charming? I’ll leave that rhetorical.

Last but not least, the Evil Queen, Regina (Lana Parrilla) – the antagonist we despise, yet the show can’t live without. I mean what’s atrue fairy tale, if there is no witch or evil queen? Lana is a brilliant actor, where you can truly see her effort in Regina’s character. The hardness, cold persona, powerful gestures and aggressive dialogue is all pushed to its highest where we really believe she is wicked. Her heartless personality and nasty intentions is profoundly captured, where her power is simply indestructible. Or is it?

Regina | Evil Queen

Overall, the list of all the great characters is endless. Once Upon A Time is an unmissable show, catered for everyone. Taking you on a fiery journey with magical elements, it deserves all the awards received. Now on its second series, the curse is finally broken, where the show has high expectations. An interesting intake on the story where we quench for the next episode. Will they ever get back to Enchanted, or will it be destroyed forever?

My rating: 9/10

Written by: Meera Darji

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