Blended (2014) Film Review

Blended, A funny yet bonkers tale following the life of two people whom are made for each other. Director, Frank Coroci sure takes on an exotic journey filled with tantrums, awkward moments and goose-riding turns, yet he leaves us feeling disappointed with a flat plot and an unmistakably, stereotypical ensemble of characters.

Blended follows the life of two different families, firstly, a mother, Lauren (Drew Barrymore) of two boys, and secondly, a father, Jim (Adam Sandler) of three daughters. They’re all busy in their hectic lives, cleaning up mess and working in sport stores and closets. Anyway, as the blind date begins, Lauren and Jim acquaint and well their date goes terribly wrong at Hooters, yes he brings her to Hooters. Unfortunately, both don’t seem to click and don’t have a spark of love-at-first-sight, rather it’s the I’m-pulling-the-emergency-excuse first. After a bashful of complaints about each other to their colleagues, up comes an opportunity for them to go on a holiday. But little do they know that it’s the same exact holiday, to the same exact place. Of course they get surprised by seeing each other and their families there. However, what should be a horrible holiday, turns out to be a wonderful vacation.

The film is very conventional, whereby you the ending is predicable right from the first scene. It’s like the film was made for Sandler, whom is always the star of these chick flicks, family-comedies which turn out to be quite pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice flick, one of those films, which you don’t have to focus on, but it’s nothing incredible nor memorable.

Blended is made up of stereotypes, the typical American boys or just boys who are plain rebels. Jim’s daughters; Espn (Emma Fuhrmann), Hilary (Bella Thorne) and Lou (Alyvia Alyn Lind – who is just adorable) play the shy and timid ones. Jim- the dad who loves a beer and can teach a baseball to a kid. Lauren, the tired mum who works hard balancing her career and family life in one hand. What I don’t get though, is the appearance of Jim’s daughters; I mean come on who would dress them up that bad. I mean its not even tomboy, its not even boy, it’s just not right! I think Coroci pushes the comedy too much, where it becomes a struggle to laugh and ends up being simply, stupid.


The casting is good, Bella Thorne plays the older daughter, Hilary (Her dad calls her Lary) the one who’s always labeled as a ‘dude’ and pulls it of reasonably. It’s clear she hates it and her female persona is noticeable. The embarrassing moments with her dad are funny. Though, the complete transformation from Lary to Hilary is crazy. It’s a nice way to show how she’s pretty and not a boy. But the actual transformation is totally unreal. I mean it’s like she’s a whole new character – whereby we forget Hilary herself and we just begin to notice Bella Thorne. This element was definitely lost throughout the plot and added to the realness. It was sort of unfair to her character and us.

Sandler has his moments, his dialogue is very much the same as his other films. Even though he has his funny moments, it becomes slightly predictable. The slapstick comedy is pulled off, but overall his performance seems lazy.


Barrymore pulls off the hard-working motherly role, yet she sometimes overacts the comedy. The scene when she’s flying in the air and it becomes all crazy, well she definitely emphasizes the ‘danger’ far too much, where it doesn’t really come off as funny nor believable.


As many sloppy comedies, Blended contains stereotypical sidekicks. There’s the rich husband with a high-pitched, young mistress who’s very energetic and annoying (they also have a teen boy who looks like a vampire). Terry Crews plays an African Singer along with his African quartet, chanting hymns every now and then (At times it’s irrelevant and drags the film). And finally, Lauren’s colleague, the spoilt-passionate brat, Jen (Wendi McLendon-Covey) who is ‘in-love’ with Jim’s boss, Dick.


Blended is fun family film, which you can watch through for a lazy laugh. Unfortunately, the film is filled with stereotypical characters and a very conventional plot. I may be being quite harsh, however even though it manages to compel an adventure showing the beauty of Africa, it fails to hit the high expectations of a comedy film.

My Rating: 5.5/10
Written by: Meera Darji

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