Fated, The Soul Seekers Series – (Alyson Noel) Book Review

Alyson Noel’s latest book Fated brings a great start to the ‘sizzling’ soul seekers series. It conjures up drama, adventure and sparks of romance, giving us a nitty gritty tale of a young, mysterious girl, Daire Santos. After reading the Immortal Series, by New York Times best selling Author, I was intrigued to read her next book.

Daire Santos is a powerful teenager with a special gift. With her mother, Jennika, a Hollywood make-up artist constantly on the go, Daire gets tired of all the travelling. Whilst on her usual follow around on set, Daire begins to experience strange moments that compel several questions. After having a breakdown, Daire gets sent to her Grandmother’s (Paloma) house in enchantment. Learning about magick and discovering new things about her father’s past, leaves Daire mesmorised. She discovers her true identity, becoming a seeker. She takes on her duty as a seeker aiming to defeat the Richters. After crossing paths with the gorgeous Dace, Daire questions her fate. Gradually Noel invites us to Daire’s journey of courage, destiny and sacrifice.

Alyson Noel intertwines a magical tale whilst exploring the roots of New Mexico and Native American culture. We are literally taken to this beautiful place, where we are introduced to new worlds; the lower, middle and upper world.

Daire’s character is somewhat too cliché. Her long bouncy hair and attitude resembles the stereotypical teenager or somewhat an American teenager. Yet soon her attitude gradually becomes more human and relatable. Through plight and struggle, Daire finally grasps her special abilities and uses her gift for the good.

Dace, the warm blue eyes and soft hair guy is definitely a photoshopped magazine cut out. His cute features and sparkling characteristics described by Noel allows young girls to simply fall in love with this fictional character. This of which I found all too pretentious and emphasized more than necessary. Being the ‘good twin’ we saw Dace become this ultimate hero and finally fating with Daire. His sweet and tender personality gives his character a luring appeal.

Cade, the ‘evil’ twin with the cold, icy blue eyes, gives the plot some drama. His cunning and sly approach was quite entertaining. We become intrigued by his evil plans, building up the climax and tension. Cade’s dialogue is brilliant, conveying the true antagonist label. We automatically despise his character (in a good way).

Similar to The Immortals series (which I enjoyed) we are taken on an adventure of a main female protagonist. However, Fated focuses less on the romance and aims to tell the whole story. There were times where the explanation became complex; I had to flick a few pages back to remind me of the plot and keep up with the pace. Unfortunately, I thought that Fated crammed too much information in one book, bombarding us with extreme knowledge constantly, allowing us to lose track. We were also introduced to new characters, where clarification and historic analysis would have been better.

Overall, Fated is an average Young Adult Fiction. A tale of a seeker against the Richters is the focus. The book begins with a slow pace storyline and definitely speeds up on the latter, introducing the complexity. The action begins just after halfway where the book becomes gripping, as the true battle finally begins.

My Rating: 2/5

Written by: Meera Darji


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