Please support my upcoming Doc, TRANSINDIA

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My second post on Transindia.

Please support the campaign for my upcoming Documentary ‘TRANSINDIA’ – A moving film exploring the lives of Hijras in India.  Please help make it happen, I really need your support, any contribution is appreciated: 

Your support will not only go towards Film production, but will help us offer items of food and clothing to each Hijra community in the city and villages of India. Whether its £1 or £5, you will guarantee a credit in the film. And for just £25 you will can download a HD copy of the film!

Raise your voice against gender and sexuality discrimination. Be part of a moving film this 2015.TRANS-LIVES

If you are unable to contribute, please share/tweet the project via your networks and help spread the word. There’s not long left!

I really hope you can join me on this special journey.

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