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Transindia Documentary [update]

Hello to all! I know it’s been a long time since I have posted on my blog, so first of all apologies for my absence. However, this year has been immensely busy, especially with producing Transindia from research, to travelling to India, to post production. I am very pleased to announce that Transindia is now complete and recently won it’s first Award of Merit for … Continue reading Transindia Documentary [update]

Please support my upcoming Doc, TRANSINDIA

My second post on Transindia. Please support the campaign for my upcoming Documentary ‘TRANSINDIA’ – A moving film exploring the lives of Hijras in India.  Please help make it happen, I really need your support, any contribution is appreciated:  Your support will not only go towards Film production, but will help us offer items of food and clothing to each Hijra community in the city … Continue reading Please support my upcoming Doc, TRANSINDIA

TransIndia – Documentary on Transgenders by Meera Darji

Originally posted on The Arts – JustMeMike's New Blog:
Did you watch the Amazon Series Transparent? Have you considered watching it now that it walked away with two Golden Globe Awards courtesy of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association? One to creator Jill Soloway for Best TV Comedy. and Jeffrey Tambor won for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. I watched when it was… Continue reading TransIndia – Documentary on Transgenders by Meera Darji

‘Hold Your Breath’ – Short Film

Hi all! Apologies that I have not been posting on here for a while, these past few months have been extremely busy!! Anyway, good news is that me and a few University students are creating a short drama film ‘Hold Your Breath’. We are eager to get this project going immediately, however we will need your support. Our aim is to raise up to £200 … Continue reading ‘Hold Your Breath’ – Short Film

Documentary ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’

Hope you are all keeping well. I wanted to share with you my very recent short Documentary Film ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’ which I was the Director, Editor and Cinematographer of. This was a project for our Documentary module in which we had to produce a three minute Documentary Film. ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’ follows the life of a hard working … Continue reading Documentary ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’

Anand Ghandhi – Film Maker

Browsing through Nirav’s blog I came across two short films by the renowned famous Film Maker Anand Ghandi. After watching ‘Right Here, Right Now’ I was left mesmorising at the stunning composition and overall story. The film followed the life of many diverse people, capturing reality. How one person led to another, each had an impact on ones life. The film makers style is simply … Continue reading Anand Ghandhi – Film Maker

Documentary Film Screenings

Just a quick post regarding my Documentary film ‘Struggle with Life & Race against Time’. In terms of the Film Festivals I am grateful to have had a number of official selections and screenings. There are two upcoming Film Festivals; Peckham & Nunhead Film Festival, and Ickle Film Festival in which my Film will be screening at. One being this Thursday 5 September, 4pm to … Continue reading Documentary Film Screenings

Strum For Hope – Short Film (Completed)

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Strum For Hope is finally completed. In fact it was completed around 2-3 weeks ago but I completely forgot to post it. I am really pleased with the outcome and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of creating the Film. I worked with a great cast who brilliantly brought my script to life and of course a … Continue reading Strum For Hope – Short Film (Completed)

Strum For Hope – Soundtrack

As you all may know I’m working on a short film based on a young homeless girl, which I have finished shooting and nearly edited. Its great to see all the aspects finally come together. With that in mind, I already have a few scores from talented musicians in which I have already begun integrating within the film. However, today the Singer/Song writer Corrina Taylor … Continue reading Strum For Hope – Soundtrack

Once Bitten, Twice Shy – Shoot

Okay, so I’ve finally caught up on my sleep and now its definitely time to catch up on my blog. As you may know, we recently shot a short film ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy‘ by Natasha over at Films and Things. It was an early start but the whole build up was worth it. From the journey (Which I may add, wow Devon has some tiny roads) … Continue reading Once Bitten, Twice Shy – Shoot

Location Check, Strum For Hope Update

So, in my post before I mentioned how I haven’t been blogging for a few days. But I’m back! Well, the only reason for that was due to several Film shootings, meetings and a few days out here and there. In terms of the film, the scene with the step mother – Jill is finally confirmed, where we are hoping to shoot that soon. I … Continue reading Location Check, Strum For Hope Update

Strum For Hope Film Shoot – Day 1

Today was the first film shoot for ‘Strum For Hope’ – A short film based on a young homeless girl named ‘Brooke’. For those who may not have read my earlier post, I am currently in Production of a independent short film. The script is written, likewise the pre-production is completed and now the Production is underway. Below is a short synopsis of the film: Brooke is … Continue reading Strum For Hope Film Shoot – Day 1

Strum For Hope (Short Film) Please Support

Hope you are well. Sorry I haven’t been blogging regularily like before, I have been extremely busy with business summer events and Uni work. Though I have got a few reviews written, which I will publish very soon. As some of you may know, I am shooting a short promotional Film for the LOROS Hospice Charity Organisation. As part of their charity, I am focusing on raising … Continue reading Strum For Hope (Short Film) Please Support