NET TV – Social Media

Social Media today is one of the most significant strategies in building an audience. NET TV is a magazine style TV show which consists of interesting Fashion news, live entertainment and awesome competitions! I decided to create a website for NET TV using Wix. I purposly chose a vibrant template, thus inviting a younger audience. Moreover, the bright, vivid colours connoted excitment and this sense of ‘hype’. … Continue reading NET TV – Social Media

The One Show – Research Show information: Chris Evans and Alex Jones are joined by Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler. Plus, the programme is live in Glasgow to meet the Scottish cast of Happy Days – The Musical. Miranda Krestovnikoff casts her vote for best mum in the animal kingdom. For our Broadcast project, I researched BBC’s ‘The One Show” in order to explore all aspects of the episode. This … Continue reading The One Show – Research

Revenge (2011 Season 1) Review

“What goes around comes around”  …And revenge sure does come around. With its first hit TV series kicking off in September 2011 Revenge has definitely been a success. The drama follows the story of Amanda Clarke seeking revenge on all the people who were allegedly involved in killing her father; David Clarke. However, it isn’t that simple. Amanda has to carefully disguise herself as Emily … Continue reading Revenge (2011 Season 1) Review