Broadcast update – Show content

Initially for our Broadcast show we decided to base the whole topic on ‘Recycled Fashion’. Our main aim was to produce content within the recycled clothing and evolvement of fashion trends using rare recycled objects and old clothes. We had a few ideas of interviewing a student Fashion Designer ‘Caroline’ whom had been successful in her recent ‘recycled project’. She created a recycled piece of … Continue reading Broadcast update – Show content

‘Producer’s’ Role in Broadcast TV

For our next ‘Broadcast’ module, our task is to produce a 12-minute studio MAGAZINE programme, called ‘NET TV’. With the casting and pitching session recently gone, I was allocated the role I desired, being the ‘Producer’ of the show. Having researched the Producer’s Duties, I came to find this brief description: “Broadcast producers oversee the production of a programming segment, promotions, or an entire show. … Continue reading ‘Producer’s’ Role in Broadcast TV