Follow my Photography Blog

Okay, so I recently completed an extra module which is called ‘Addvantage’ where I chose to do ‘Photography’ or as they strangely named it ‘Communicating through the digital image’. Though photography is shorter and easier to say. For the course we had to showcase our work on our blogs, so I decided to create one. Anyway. I passionately enjoy photography as a hobby and ever since … Continue reading Follow my Photography Blog

Beautiful Nature | My 60 Second project

Beautiful Nature | 60 Second Project “Everthing is Beautiful, you just have to see it through that special eye…” – Meera Darji This is a short Film/Video consisting of series of technically beautiful shots of nature. As part of a small University project, my task was to create a 60 second technically beautiful piece of work, which could be used as showreel material. The … Continue reading Beautiful Nature | My 60 Second project