Strum For Hope – Short Film (Completed)

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Strum For Hope is finally completed. In fact it was completed around 2-3 weeks ago but I completely forgot to post it. I am really pleased with the outcome and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of creating the Film. I worked with a great cast who brilliantly brought my script to life and of course a … Continue reading Strum For Hope – Short Film (Completed)

Dostana (2008) Film Review

Dostana (friendship) is an absolute hilarious film, focused on two great lead actors; Abhishek Bachan (Sameer or ‘Sam’) and John Abraham (Kunal). Director, Tarun Mansukhani definitely entertains the audience and finally focuses on a modern concept in a Bollywood Film. The film follows the life of Kunal and Sam, a friendship which forms from a quite realistic lie. Their desperation of wanting an apartment in … Continue reading Dostana (2008) Film Review

Creative Critical Process. NET TV Website.

With experience in making a website in the past for my family business, RS Xclusive, I was quite pleased when I found out that a website had to be created as part of out assessment. For our TV show we were given ‘Spontaneity’ as our theme, which was quite direct but at the same time slightly ambiguous. Being spontaneous has vast definitions from ‘random’ styles, … Continue reading Creative Critical Process. NET TV Website.

Stepping into the Floor Manager’s role today

We now only have two session left till our final LIVE show. Todays session was productive, as we did manage to get quite a lot sorted out. However, with several no-shows from vital roles it was difficult to have a proper run through. We managed to complete several practice sessions, however due to the camera operator and vision mixer missing and the PA needing to leave … Continue reading Stepping into the Floor Manager’s role today

Bee Movie (2007) Film Review

Vanessa: Why don’t you just fly everywhere? Isn’t it faster? Barry B. Benson: Flying is exhausting. Why don’t you humans just run everywhere, isn’t that faster? Vanessa: I see your point. The Bee Movie is an incredible DreamWorks Animation. With hilarious Bee puns along with a Bee-utiful story, it deserves a straight B+. (Ok I’ll stop now) The Film truly captures the most stunning visuals … Continue reading Bee Movie (2007) Film Review

Case 39 (2009) Film Review

  From millions of cases, she decides to choose this particular one? Directed by Christian Alvart, Case 39 focuses on the single, hard-working social worker, Emily Jenkins (Renée Zellweger). Digging deep into the stack of files, she comes across a peculiar case that diverts her attention. The case follows the interesting story of an innocent young girl, Lilith (Jodeth Ferland) who appears to be abused … Continue reading Case 39 (2009) Film Review

The Possession (2012) Film Review

Director Ole Bornedal brings to us a horror/thriller based on a true story. Filled with easy jumps, horrific throws and tormented twists, The Possession follows all the stereotypical horror conventions out there. Divorced parents Clyde and Stephanie find themselves balancing out there schedule for whose turn it is to look after the kids. Turns out Clyde is in charge of them for the weekend. Spending … Continue reading The Possession (2012) Film Review

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012) Film Review

Directors Eric Darnell, Tom Mcgarth and this time Conrad Vernon bring to us the third sequel to the finest Madagascar series. DreamWorks Animation brings us a wonderful family film, enlightening a smile to your face and entertainment for all. The title ‘Europe’s Most Wanted’ is definitely the perfect words to describe the Film’s journey. Alex (Ben Stiller), Marty (Chris Rock), Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith) and … Continue reading Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012) Film Review

Ratatouille (2007) Film Review

  Ratatouille is by far one of the best animated films out there, which entirely entertains you, never once losing your attention. Director, Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava successfully entraps the quote “Anyone can cook” and portrays it in its finest yet superb form. Ratatouille follows the story of a helpless, brave rat, Remy who is full of ambition, striving to become a Chef. His … Continue reading Ratatouille (2007) Film Review

August Rush (2007) Film Review

“The music is all around us…all you have to do is listen” – Evan When you watch a film and just smile the whole way through, it’s an amazing feeling. That’s what August Rush does to you… August Rush simply was a sweet breath of fresh air and an extraordinary film. The film follows the story of Evan Taylor who’s in search for his long … Continue reading August Rush (2007) Film Review

Student of the Year (2012) Film Review

Director Karen Johar brings us a high-school drama filled with sparks of romance and youth culture. With high expectations before-hand, I was slightly disappointed with the overall film. The film begins with a conventional structure of the present day, where a group of friends reunite at the hospital to see their former principle ‘Dean Yoginder Vassisht (Rishi Kapoor). With the audience wondering how these people … Continue reading Student of the Year (2012) Film Review

Follow my Photography Blog

Okay, so I recently completed an extra module which is called ‘Addvantage’ where I chose to do ‘Photography’ or as they strangely named it ‘Communicating through the digital image’. Though photography is shorter and easier to say. For the course we had to showcase our work on our blogs, so I decided to create one. Anyway. I passionately enjoy photography as a hobby and ever since … Continue reading Follow my Photography Blog

‘Producer’s’ Role in Broadcast TV

For our next ‘Broadcast’ module, our task is to produce a 12-minute studio MAGAZINE programme, called ‘NET TV’. With the casting and pitching session recently gone, I was allocated the role I desired, being the ‘Producer’ of the show. Having researched the Producer’s Duties, I came to find this brief description: “Broadcast producers oversee the production of a programming segment, promotions, or an entire show. … Continue reading ‘Producer’s’ Role in Broadcast TV