Reflection and Evaluation of the Module

For the TV broadcast module we were divided into four groups, each designated with a theme. Our task was to produce a live 12-minute show, which consisted of various VT’s, a studio based interview and a live performance. The theme we were given was ‘spontaneity’. Due to this being my first experience, I was definitely excited to get involved and discover how the TV studio … Continue reading Reflection and Evaluation of the Module

Programme in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Today was our dress rehearsal for our live show, which is next week! All our guests were suppose to be in today for a practice session, likewise the set should have been properly sorted. However, this was all not done. It was quite a rough practice session where that ‘smooth’ factor was simply missing. Sometimes you just want to go and look for that ‘panic’ … Continue reading Programme in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Beautiful Nature | My 60 Second project

Beautiful Nature | 60 Second Project “Everthing is Beautiful, you just have to see it through that special eye…” – Meera Darji This is a short Film/Video consisting of series of technically beautiful shots of nature. As part of a small University project, my task was to create a 60 second technically beautiful piece of work, which could be used as showreel material. The … Continue reading Beautiful Nature | My 60 Second project

“I don’t know what pain is. Fear? Don’t know that too!” – I Saw the Devil Review

After watching the Korean film ‘I Saw the Devil’ for the very first time, I must say that I enjoyed the unforgettable thrilling experience. The graphically violent thriller follows an enthralling plot where a serial killer murders innocent victims. The film kicks off with an innocent pregnant woman who is gruesomely murdered by the villain Kyung-chul – played by Min-sik Choi. This female protagonist happens … Continue reading “I don’t know what pain is. Fear? Don’t know that too!” – I Saw the Devil Review

My reactions to ‘Twilight’

Having watched all the Twilight films before, my response to studying this film for the module was neutral and slightly excited at the same time relieved that it wasn’t a film I have never seen before. Before knowing Twilight was going to be the focus of our module, I already had thoughts about particular concepts. Therefore, I am more than happy to study this film, as I … Continue reading My reactions to ‘Twilight’

What is the ‘Media’?

The Media is constantly around each and every one of us. We are all surrounded by the Media, whether it’s at the bus stop, watching a television advertisement, reading the newspaper, watching a Film, reading the magazine, surfing the internet or even listening to the Radio. For me the Media is not all about commercials and advertising products, it’s about the way in which the … Continue reading What is the ‘Media’?