Dhoom 3 (2013) Film Review

With a hit films Dhoom and Dhoom 2, Vijay Krishna Acharya brings us another super fast, action sequence in Dhoom 3. Releasing around Christmas time, in only 8 days, Dhoom 3 broke the Bollywood film record of crossing the 100 crore mark at the overseas box office. Acclaimed to be one of the top grossing films of 2013, Dhoom 3 is definitely one not to … Continue reading Dhoom 3 (2013) Film Review

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Film Review

  Ever thought that when you lost your keys it was just an accident? Or when you bumped into an old friend, it was merely fate? Well, think again. The Adjustment Bureau are a team of suited men whom lets just say have control over the world. They have access to a detailed plan in which life is clearly written out. Everything is planned; the … Continue reading The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Film Review

Top 12 Favourite Childhood Films

Below are a few of my favourite childhood films…  1. Home Alone Synopsis: An 8-year-old boy, who is accidentally left behind while his family flies to France for Christmas, has to defend his home against idiotic burglars. (IMDB) Home Alone is by far one of my favourite films! Kevin Mcallister is an awesome character that was so mischievous and rebellious, all of us wanted to accomplish … Continue reading Top 12 Favourite Childhood Films

NET TV – Social Media

Social Media today is one of the most significant strategies in building an audience. NET TV is a magazine style TV show which consists of interesting Fashion news, live entertainment and awesome competitions! I decided to create a website for NET TV using Wix. I purposly chose a vibrant template, thus inviting a younger audience. Moreover, the bright, vivid colours connoted excitment and this sense of ‘hype’. … Continue reading NET TV – Social Media

‘Wander’ | Drawing by Meera Darji

After exploring the new app ‘Brushes’ for a few hours on the iPad, I got carried away and resulted with this drawing. I was surprised at the fact that I had actually drawn this and couldn’t believe the beauty of it. To be honest, drawing is not one of my talents, even when it comes to story boarding in films I sneak out by using … Continue reading ‘Wander’ | Drawing by Meera Darji