Carrie (2013) Film Review

Director Kimberly Pierce brings to us a remake of the horror classic, Carrie. An insightful tale on a supernatural teenager, Carrie White, does Pierce give justice to the classic? Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) is an average teenage girl trying to get through her life in high school. But the thing is, Carrie isn’t average, she’s different, she stands out from the rest, she’s special. … Continue reading Carrie (2013) Film Review

How I met your mother (Series wrap up) 2005+

As you may or may not know, the hit US series ‘How I met your Mother’ created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, has come to an end. After watching the season finale episode last week, I was of course sad to the fact that one of my favourite shows was finishing. But as the same time, I was pretty disappointed with the actual last … Continue reading How I met your mother (Series wrap up) 2005+

Orange is the New Black (Season 1 and 2) Review

The Netflix TV Series ‘Orange is the New Black’ has successfully been able to capture our attention through its nitty gritty narrative and unforgettable characters. Orange is the New Black (OITNB) follows the life of Piper Chapman who lands herself in prison by getting mixed up with her ex-girlfriends international drug smuggling business. As episodes go by we see what prison is like through the … Continue reading Orange is the New Black (Season 1 and 2) Review

The Book Thief (Marcus Zusak) Book Review

Markus Zusak brings a heart-warming, thought provoking tale to life in The Book Thief. Narrated by Death, it cleverly takes us a journey of a young girl and words. Set in the rough times of Nazi Germany, we’re given an insight of the damage caused on 33 Himmel Street. With such powerful characters and a gripping story, I was glued to the book, wanting more. … Continue reading The Book Thief (Marcus Zusak) Book Review

Believe (TV Series) 2014

*Currently on episode 6* After watching the promo for Believe, I was immediately intrigued to watch the pilot. The fast paced action along with the inexplicit element of supernatural sci-fi got my attention. Believe follows the story of a gifted young girl, Bo Adams. With special powers and a magical touch, Bo is one not to miss yet one most wanted. With orders to protect … Continue reading Believe (TV Series) 2014

12 Years a Slave (2013) Film Review

Oscar award winning, 12 Years a Slave is one of the most powerful films of the year. Director Steve Mcqueen conveys a strong message of slavery with an effective cast and wonderful cinematography. In the antebellum United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. (IMDB) Chiwetal Ejiofor as Solomon Northup, portrays a powerful yet memorable … Continue reading 12 Years a Slave (2013) Film Review

Escape Plan (2013) Film Review

Directed by Mikael Håfström, Escape Plan sets you on the edge with the mesmorising duet of our favourites, Sylvester Stallone (Ray) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rottmayer). Escaping prisons as a full time job, Ray finds himself beating all the slammers with his intelligence and superior confidence. With an million dollar proposal of a new challenge, Ray without thought accepts and is on his way to yet … Continue reading Escape Plan (2013) Film Review

‘Hold Your Breath’ – Short Film

Hi all! Apologies that I have not been posting on here for a while, these past few months have been extremely busy!! Anyway, good news is that me and a few University students are creating a short drama film ‘Hold Your Breath’. We are eager to get this project going immediately, however we will need your support. Our aim is to raise up to £200 … Continue reading ‘Hold Your Breath’ – Short Film

Her (2013) Film Review

Directed by Spike Jonze, Her is an incredible Drama film based on a writer whom manifests a relationship with his operating system. Nominated for 5 Oscars, another 41 wins and 51 nominations, Her definitely deserves all the credits. Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Pheonix) continues his everyday job of writing letters and mourning about his soon-to-be ex wife Catherine (Rooney Mara). Living his lonely life, Theordore’s predominant … Continue reading Her (2013) Film Review

Hostages (2013/14) Season Premiere

*Spoiler Alert* – Episode 1 I recently watched the season premiere episode of US Drama ‘Hostages’ which aired on Channel 4 last week. Hostages is an intense thriller/drama created by Rotem Shamir. Starring Toni Collete as Dr.Ellen Sanders, a premiere surgeon who is abruptly trapped in a political conspiracy. With her family held hostage, Ellen has no choice but to negotiate with the rogue FBI … Continue reading Hostages (2013/14) Season Premiere

Despicable Me 2 (2013) Film Review

Director’s Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaund bring us a well-looked-forward-to sequel to our favourite Despicable Me. Kids gone slightly older, minions increased and with a new partner in crime, we are set for another adventure. With Gru’s and Dr’Nefario’s jelly business not doing so well, Gru is approached with a new challenge. An offer to join the Anti-villain league, working with Lucy (Kristen Wiig) to … Continue reading Despicable Me 2 (2013) Film Review

Gravity (2013) Film Review

With 53 wins, 50 nominations and 4 Golden Globe nominations, Gravity is one of the most beautiful films to watch. In a very short amount of time, Director Alfonso Cuarón gives us a visual feast. Gravity is a simple film based on two prime characters; Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) a medical engineer and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) a veteran astronaut. Both NASA astronauts are on … Continue reading Gravity (2013) Film Review

Dhoom 3 (2013) Film Review

With a hit films Dhoom and Dhoom 2, Vijay Krishna Acharya brings us another super fast, action sequence in Dhoom 3. Releasing around Christmas time, in only 8 days, Dhoom 3 broke the Bollywood film record of crossing the 100 crore mark at the overseas box office. Acclaimed to be one of the top grossing films of 2013, Dhoom 3 is definitely one not to … Continue reading Dhoom 3 (2013) Film Review

Documentary ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’

Hope you are all keeping well. I wanted to share with you my very recent short Documentary Film ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’ which I was the Director, Editor and Cinematographer of. This was a project for our Documentary module in which we had to produce a three minute Documentary Film. ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’ follows the life of a hard working … Continue reading Documentary ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’

Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela (2013) Film Review

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet’s unforgettable tale, Sanjay Leela Bhansali brings us a new take to the love story in Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela, short for Ram-Leela. In a small city of Ranjaar based in Gujarat, two opposing tribes; Rajadi and Sanera survive by thrusting hate on each other and approaching violence. The Rajadi’s and Sanera’s have this strong enmity in which has been lasting … Continue reading Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela (2013) Film Review

The Way Way Back (2013) Film Review

The Way Way Back is a quirky comedy/drama based on a 14 year old boy, Duncan whom is forced to spend summer with his mum; Pam (Tony Collete), her obnoxious boyfriend; Trent (Steve Carell) and his bratty daughter; Steph (Zoe Levin). After misery spending time with this so-called family, Duncan stumbles across Water Wizz water park, where he acquaints with Owen. Liam James as Duncan … Continue reading The Way Way Back (2013) Film Review

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) Film Review

A moving biopic based on a true runner ‘Milkha Singh’ also known as ‘The Flying Sikh’. Directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and starring Farhan Akhtar as Milkha Singh, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag takes you on an emotional journey. The truth behind Singh’s journey gradually unfolds, where we see his plight, struggle and constant hard work. After facing the India-Pakistan war and losing close family members, Milkha … Continue reading Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) Film Review