Creative Critical Process. NET TV Website.

With experience in making a website in the past for my family business, RS Xclusive, I was quite pleased when I found out that a website had to be created as part of out assessment. For our TV show we were given ‘Spontaneity’ as our theme, which was quite direct but at the same time slightly ambiguous. Being spontaneous has vast definitions from ‘random’ styles, … Continue reading Creative Critical Process. NET TV Website.

Reflection and Evaluation of the Module

For the TV broadcast module we were divided into four groups, each designated with a theme. Our task was to produce a live 12-minute show, which consisted of various VT’s, a studio based interview and a live performance. The theme we were given was ‘spontaneity’. Due to this being my first experience, I was definitely excited to get involved and discover how the TV studio … Continue reading Reflection and Evaluation of the Module

Transmedia Storytelling. The new #Trend

Transmedia can be defined solely on how wide range of media platforms have been engaged within the creative industries immensely. Today transmedia has been integrated with nearly every low budget and Blockbuster production, typically portraying its significance in everyone’s world. It’s a new way in which storytelling is enhanced in order to consume a wider audience from simply different aspects of technology. Likewise, I have … Continue reading Transmedia Storytelling. The new #Trend

The effects of Social Media on my Professional ID

The world has significantly developed in terms of technology and the modified online elements being engaged are definitely pulled to its highest string. Previously professional companies used to rely on physical advertisement such as; newspaper clippings, posters and leaflets. However, this whole evolved generation of social media has truly emerged where every business owns a Facebook page and no doubt a Twitter account. From small … Continue reading The effects of Social Media on my Professional ID

Stepping into the Floor Manager’s role today

We now only have two session left till our final LIVE show. Todays session was productive, as we did manage to get quite a lot sorted out. However, with several no-shows from vital roles it was difficult to have a proper run through. We managed to complete several practice sessions, however due to the camera operator and vision mixer missing and the PA needing to leave … Continue reading Stepping into the Floor Manager’s role today

Programme in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Today was our dress rehearsal for our live show, which is next week! All our guests were suppose to be in today for a practice session, likewise the set should have been properly sorted. However, this was all not done. It was quite a rough practice session where that ‘smooth’ factor was simply missing. Sometimes you just want to go and look for that ‘panic’ … Continue reading Programme in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The Producer’s role and duties so far…

As the Producer it is very important to be on track of the production and stay in tuned with every aspect of the show. Being a very diligent individual with organisational and time management skills, I feel as if the role definitely suits my skills and expertise. So far I have conducted several duties, some of which are not even suppose to done by the … Continue reading The Producer’s role and duties so far…

Broadcast update – Show content

Initially for our Broadcast show we decided to base the whole topic on ‘Recycled Fashion’. Our main aim was to produce content within the recycled clothing and evolvement of fashion trends using rare recycled objects and old clothes. We had a few ideas of interviewing a student Fashion Designer ‘Caroline’ whom had been successful in her recent ‘recycled project’. She created a recycled piece of … Continue reading Broadcast update – Show content

NET TV – Social Media

Social Media today is one of the most significant strategies in building an audience. NET TV is a magazine style TV show which consists of interesting Fashion news, live entertainment and awesome competitions! I decided to create a website for NET TV using Wix. I purposly chose a vibrant template, thus inviting a younger audience. Moreover, the bright, vivid colours connoted excitment and this sense of ‘hype’. … Continue reading NET TV – Social Media

‘Producer’s’ Role in Broadcast TV

For our next ‘Broadcast’ module, our task is to produce a 12-minute studio MAGAZINE programme, called ‘NET TV’. With the casting and pitching session recently gone, I was allocated the role I desired, being the ‘Producer’ of the show. Having researched the Producer’s Duties, I came to find this brief description: “Broadcast producers oversee the production of a programming segment, promotions, or an entire show. … Continue reading ‘Producer’s’ Role in Broadcast TV

The One Show – Research Show information: Chris Evans and Alex Jones are joined by Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler. Plus, the programme is live in Glasgow to meet the Scottish cast of Happy Days – The Musical. Miranda Krestovnikoff casts her vote for best mum in the animal kingdom. For our Broadcast project, I researched BBC’s ‘The One Show” in order to explore all aspects of the episode. This … Continue reading The One Show – Research