Transindia Documentary [update]

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Hello to all! I know it’s been a long time since I have posted on my blog, so first of all apologies for my absence. However, this year has been immensely busy, especially with producing Transindia from research, to travelling to India, to post production. I am very pleased to announce that Transindia is now complete and recently won it’s first Award of Merit for the Best Shorts Competition. This is fantastic news for Transindia, as I really hope to share this film around the world, truly reaching many and making a step towards change. It has overall been an incredible expeirence from not only filming the hijra community, but meeting them and seeing their lives right before my eyes. Such wonderful beings, with exquisite passion and rich history. Impeccable.

It has made me even more determined to continue to keep on making and doing what I love. I am feeling enthusiastic and encouraged to continue to dive into creative projects, which not only tell a story, but take my audience on a journey. I want to find these people in the corners of the world, and bring their paths to life.

Below are a few links in which you can keep up-to-date with Transindia or even read more:

PURCHASE the film:





Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in helping me to create Transindia and supporting the campaign by contributing. All you need is that belief and support, it gets you a long way.

This is a the first step to change and there’s many more to come. Likewise, I hope you can be part of my future projects too. Onwards and upwards.


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