5 Film Projects That Will Change How You See The World

Huge thanks to Crowdedout Blog for featuring my upcoming Documentary ‘Transindia’ in their post for ‘Film Projects that will change the world’ <– Check it out and give them a follow!!

Crowded Out Blog

Crowd funded film projects come in all shapes & sizes. From big budget with celebrity backing to creative indies doing things differently crowd funding has been able to see an explosion of creativity weaning film making off big studio funding.

Projects based around causes and campaigning can find it hard to find traditional sources of funding which has led to some great projects looking to crowd source their funding.
Here is a list of 5 documentaries looking to change the way you see the world, which we think you’ll love.
Following the moving stories of transgender communities in India, from acceptance in the 1800s to persecution during modern times, Transindia hopes to shed some light on a part of Indian culture rarely talked about.
Looking for a modest budget of just £5000 the projects offering rewards ranging from postcards and downloads to personalised videos and credits. With just over…

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