Neighbors (2014) Film Review

Director Nicholas Stoller brings us an epic comedy starring Seth Rogan (Mac) and Zac Efron (Teddy). All seems to be going smooth as Mac and his wife Kelly (Rose Bryne) try to settle in their new home with their child. It’s a nice neighborhood, Mac has a good job and Kelly is settling in well. Yet the tables turn when they have a new neighbor on the block. Unfortunately, it’s not the gay couple they were hoping for, they realise they’re going to be living next to a frat house! Indeed as parties go by, Mac and Kelly can’t stand the noise, people and havoc. They try playing nice which soon dissolves, and their only way of getting rid of Delta Psi Beta is by plotting heists which involves breaking bro codes.

Indeed the revenge commences as soon as Teddy finds out about their snooping and telling the police behind his back. What I like about this film is that it soon becomes a cat and mouse chase, where neither backs down. Teddy and Pete have this bromance relationship which is likeable and hilarious (the rhyming scene is epic) yet we soon start to notice their differences. Pete (Dave Franco) a phycology minor soon drifts away from the whole Delta frat. With school finishing soon his attention is focused on education and getting a job. Franco plays a great role in bringing a college student to life, he’s able to balance the education with the partying.

Teddy, president of Delta Psi Beta on the other hand is more focused on having the most awesome party ever to ‘earn’ himself a place on the wall of ‘party’ fame. Yes its stereotypical and yes it’s pretty conventional how the story is played out. As soon as this past history of the Delta frat is unraveled, the stereotypes pour in. I was expecting this to continue throughout. Did it? Kind of. There were moments which were far too emphasized as what college students do and act like, and some moments where I stopped caring. This was mostly due to the comedy which over-rid the conventional format.


Seth Rogan was hilarious. The scenes where he would panic and start to stress were unforgettable. From suffering the airbag incidents to playing the hero, Rogan sure brought the comedy to the table, where his personality and Efron’s went well together.  Their fight with each other is incredibly funny, where relentlessly Zac plays the dopey kid where the drink can rebounds from the trampoline and as Mac says the words “NO! I’m batman” he crashes into the ceiling fan! Yes, quite spontaneous, but needless to say, it was funny.

Overall, I was actually expecting this not be such a great film. The trailer made me want to watch it, but I felt as it was an over exposed trailer (meaning that everything in the trailer was what it was, no more surprises). In fact, it was a pretty good comedy with more twists and turns than I expected. It was fun to watch this battle between a family and a frat gang. They sure made their lives a living hell, but there were moments where they liked it and felt young once again.


My Rating: 7/10

Written by: Meera Darji

2 thoughts on “Neighbors (2014) Film Review

  1. Laughed so very much during this. But I also liked that there was a story with heart to be found underneath it all. Wish more comedies had that, without seeming so heavy-handed. Good review Meera.

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