Escape Plan (2013) Film Review

Directed by Mikael Håfström, Escape Plan sets you on the edge with the mesmorising duet of our favourites, Sylvester Stallone (Ray) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rottmayer).

Escaping prisons as a full time job, Ray finds himself beating all the slammers with his intelligence and superior confidence. With an million dollar proposal of a new challenge, Ray without thought accepts and is on his way to yet another prison. It all seems well, until a sudden push and shove knocks Ray out. He appears to have landed in yet an unknown location, where the prison is somewhat spectacular. Transparent cells, unbeatable paths, unidentifiable guards, the creater of this hell-like home turns out to have a stone-cold heart. Realising that this prison is a tough one, Ray finds him self a pal, Rottmayer. Together they set an escape plan. 

Stallone and Arnold have this likeable friendship on screen, where together they definitely bring the action. The intensity and brittle violence are all believable and yet entertaining to watch. The beginning scene of Stallone is phenomenal where the cinematography is pleasing. From cutting action close ups unraveling the mystery of Stallone, we’re clearly and very quickly shown his escape plan to the fullest. There’s something about this film, where it all seems to make sense in the end.

The prison ultimately becomes this locked down maze which is indestructible, or should I say, in-escapable. This where nothing goes past Hobbes, whom has ironically used Ray’s book as reference (which I found quite funny) to create this ingenious place. Hobbes’ (Jim Caviezel) character is very unlikeable, and thus Jim profoundly does a great job in performing this irritating yet reserved character.

Critically speaking, the narrative towards the end becomes slightly slow-paced, where I wanted the film to wrap up earlier. I thought some answers where left too late. Having said that, each scene was dangerously exciting where Stallone and Arnold brought the film to life.

From realistic fight scenes and clever plots, there were moments which we didn’t see coming. Stallone portrayed this brittle character, whom confidently analyses every tiny detail. Even though the guards begin damage his strength, he doesn’t give up and always has a plan. 

Likewise, Schwarzenegger plays this friendly yet hard character whom somewhat owns the prison. Rottmayer from the start has this special spark, where your always left curious as to who he really is.

Overall, Escape plan is an exciting action film, with a brilliant cast and a thought-provoking plot.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: Meera Darji 

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