Turbo (2013) Film Review

A very determined garden snail has his hopes high on wanting to turn his dream of bei

ng a worldwide racer to reality. With a strange incident taking place on a windy night, the snail discovers a miracle – the power of speed. Renamed as ‘Turbo’, he not only races for his life, but also helps many people along the way.

Turbo is a light hearted, inspiring tale, giving the young audience (and us all!) a moral to never give up and believe in yourself. Director David Soren sure gives us a fast paced sequence (pun-intended) with a focus to a very likable character. After discouragement and hiccups of failure, Turbo doesn’t give up on his dream and sets out his journey to prove these people wrong. Turbo (Ryan Reynolds) has this clumsy yet humorous persona, where we’re eager for him to win the race and claim victory. His struggles, effort and journey to accomplishment is encountered.

Supporting actor, Angelo (Luis Gizman) a fellow taco truck owner ‘dos bros’ and a great believer in Turbo is an absolute delight to watch. It proves just how it simply takes that one person to believe in you.

Likewise, the team of snails were all unique in their own ways. We had Skidmark (Ben Schwartz), White Shadow (Michael Bell), Whiplash (Samuel L Jackson), Burn (Maya Rudolph) and Smoove Move (Snoop Dogg). All together these snails brought their own style, persona and flavor to the table. The comedy was heightened by their slapstick behavior and memorable dialogue.

Overall, Turbo is a fun family film. We are taken on this journey of survival and following your passion. With teamwork, hard work and determination, Turbo speeds his way to his ultimate destination. We’re packed with fun facts and epic comedy, where the viral video of “Whoa that snail is fast” was memorable. Filled with epic puns, a strong cast and emotional moments, Turbo leaves you smiling.

My Rating: 8.5/10
Written by: Meera Darji


8 thoughts on “Turbo (2013) Film Review

    1. What! I disagree, Turbo was a great film. I enjoyed it! The puns were equally as engaging. Its a fun film, not much of a thinker, simply a epic (unrealistic) tale. Though, maybe my rating is slightly high, as the film did lack narrative and some of the cast were irrelevant. Thanks for reading!

    1. There have been a few negative reviews, however its a fun film and a simple story. It’s not much of a thinker, if you have spare time its a good watch 🙂

      1. I don’t often need spare time to see a new movie. 🙂

        Besides this is one my 5 year old could enjoy, too. Maybe I’ll have Netflix send it to me.

      2. Yeah its definitely a good watch for the young ones, its one of those simple animations which are not overloaded with many characters or a complex plot. Great moral too! And some epic puns 😀

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