Documentary ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’

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Hope you are all keeping well. I wanted to share with you my very recent short Documentary Film ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’ which I was the Director, Editor and Cinematographer of. This was a project for our Documentary module in which we had to produce a three minute Documentary Film.

‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’ follows the life of a hard working soul based in Ahmedabad, India. His daily routine includes washing 30-40 cars, cleaning houses, washing utensils and working in a provision store. Today, human beings have machines to accomplish all their work. However, Manilal believes in completing work with his bare hands. His day ends with sweat on his forehead, strength in his hands and a lasting bicycle for his journey home.

The film was shot in Ahmedabad, India in less than 2 days. The shooting was great, as I had wonderful places to shoot and of course the weather was beautiful.

I have recently released it online available for public viewing, however this will shortly be password protected. If you get a chance please have a watch and let me know your views.

I am pleased with the outcome of the film and I hope you enjoy it too.

You can view the film here.


2 thoughts on “Documentary ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’

    1. Thank you very much Nirav. Yes my family live in Ahmedabad, so it was nice capturing the wonderful culture and everyday reality. I am glad you enjoyed the film. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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