Breaking Emotions: Hate & Love

This weeks set of emotions on Mettal Ray’s Breaking Emotion challenge is Love & Hate. Two very opposing yet interesting emotions. Unfortunately this is the very last set, however I must say I really have enjoyed this challenge and look forward to next years Blogathon.

Hate is a strong word for a film, therefore I’m going to use the word dislike, as it sounds less harsh.

breaking hate

1. What to expect when you expecting (2012) // The whole film

All I’ll say is..don’t expect too much. Weak rom-com. Annoying characters.

2. House at the end of the street (2012) // Wrong genre

This is not even a horror! Not scary at all, I got bored of this film like 30 minutes in. Don’t bother.

3. Taken 2 // Why, just why?

Weak plot, weak storyline. I was expecting so much more after the amazing first Taken. But I really disliked how the dad was taken away (too predictable). I hear talks of Taken 3…lets not go there.

breaking love

1. Home Alone (all) // House traps

Home Alone is by far one of my favourite childhood films of all time. In particular I love the house trap scenes where Kevin’s ideas are genius.

2. Matilda (1996) // Mrs.Trunchbull

Again Matilda is also one of my favourite childhood films. The scene where she discovers her magical abilities is memorable. Likewise I love the scene where Mrs.Trunchbull gets told through the freaky things that happen in class.

3. Kai Po Che (2013) // Colours, Culture, Friendship

Kai Po Che is an absolutely wonderful film. The colours, cinematraphy and locations are beautiful. Likewise, the strong cast definitely help push the narrative forward. My favourite scne is when the three friends are on their journey of creating the shop whilst doing tuitions and cricket classes. Moreover, the earthquake scene is very well crafted, bringing in tension and drama.

So thats it for the Breaking Emotions Blogathon. Keep a look out for Mettal Ray’s blog for new updates. Hope you enjoyed reading my picks!


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