Breaking Emotions: Smiles & Thrills

So this weeks set for Mettal Ray’s Blogathon ‘Breaking Emotions’ challenge is Smiles and Thrills. Now this will be fun. So film scenes which make me smile? hmmm, there’s quite a few. And ones that give me a thrill…I’m going to have to think about that one. Lets see what I’ve got…

breaking smiles

1. August Rush (2007) // Father and Son

August Rush is one of my favourite films. In fact I remember watching this the other day and was smiling the whole way through. It’s not a comedy, but definitely defines ‘smiles’ to me. The hope from the music and characters is simply heart warming. A scene in particular which makes you smile is when the father and son stumble across each other and ‘jam’ out on their guitars. The amazing thing is that they don’t know they’re related, it unbelievably makes you sit on the edge. Where your smiling as they so close to each other yet have no idea that, thats the person they’ve been seeking for.

2. Elf (2003) // Will Ferrel, Miles Finch


Will Ferrel himself is absolutely hilarious in Elf. No matter how many times you watch this christmas classic, even though you know the jokes are coming you still laugh. His moments of getting excited when santa arrives, getting scared of perfume, calling the young boss an “elf” and creating his very own candy/spaghetti – all great scenes from Elf.

3. 3 Idiots (2009) // Amir Khan’s superb acting

3 Idiots is definitely one of my favourite Bollywood films of all Time. The comedy proposed in the film is epic and very well scripted. Amir Khan and his friend fool a student by swapping a few words in his assembly speech (classic!). Also when Khan defines a ‘machine’ is hilarious.

Assembly Speech scene

Defining Machine scene – English Subtitles

breaking thrills

1. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011) // Building scene

The scene when Tom Cruise climbs the building with his not so reliant climbing gloves. The whole film is action packed with quite a few thrills. Likewise the scene when Simon Pegg and Cruise fool the guard with the holographic transparent trick – thats pretty awesome.

2. The Adjustment Bureau (2011) // Running away/Chase

The chase scene when both Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are trying to reach the creator is thrilling. The fast paced cuts and editing, but also the illusion of travelling door to door leaves the audience gripped.

3. Case 39 (2009) // Oven Scene

This film is definitely worth a watch. We are gradually shown a case unravel, but no ordinary case. The oven scene in particular is very powerful in it’s making. The two separate effects it has at the beginning and the end is worthwhile.

So thats it for this set of emotions. I’ll be posting back very soon for the next set. Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Breaking Emotions: Smiles & Thrills

    1. Thanks Kim! Glad you like the list, August Rush is a wonderful film, along with the others! Thanks for reading 😀

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