Anand Ghandhi – Film Maker

Browsing through Nirav’s blog I came across two short films by the renowned famous Film Maker Anand Ghandi.

After watching ‘Right Here, Right Now’ I was left mesmorising at the stunning composition and overall story. The film followed the life of many diverse people, capturing reality. How one person led to another, each had an impact on ones life. The film makers style is simply genius, where your left gawking at the screen. You become focused on the rhythm, where you don’t want the film to end.

Anand Ghandi – Film Maker

The film has this juxtaposition of happiness vs sadness, where the strength of the characters and storyline heighten this. The natural colour, lighting and realistic handheld camera movements gives us solidity and truthfulness.

Part one

Part two

“29 Minutes. 12 Locations. 19 Characters. 8 Languages. 2 Shots. 1 Cut.” – Right Here, Right Now

Another film I saw was ‘Continuum’ written by Khushboo Ranka & Anand Gandhi. Similar to Right Here, Right Now, Continuum follows five chapters of reality. It justifies five powerful messages with stunning visuals and a flow of narrative. Continuum not only tells us about these moments, yet cherishes them in a unique way. The film propels emotion, drama, character and story. It sums up the life in India in very simple yet realistic way. The ending takes us back to the beginning, using the concept of time extraordinarily.

Part one – Hunger

Part two – Trade & Love

Part three – Death

Part four – Enlightenment 

Part five – Continuum

Anand Ghandhi’s recent feature film ‘Ship of Thesus’ (2012) has since received many ground breaking awards.

The film Explores questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death through an experimental photographer, an ailing monk and a young stockbroker. (IMDB)


4 thoughts on “Anand Ghandhi – Film Maker

    1. Yes I have not seen Ship of Thesus yet, but hopefully will soon 🙂 Great short films though! Thanks for reading!

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