Now You See Me (2013) Film Review

Director Louis Leterrier sure does fool us with his latest Mystery/Thriller. Now You See Me not only gives us a splice of action but a whole great illusion which leaves us gawking at the tricks.

We are firstly introduced to Four different type of illusionists/magicians in a very engaging way, each welcoming their own talents in different ways, thus followed by a mysterious hooded man watching them. Soon after discovering a strange card, they are led to the same meeting place. After reconciling with each other, they discover an empty apartment, which gradually unveils a hidden secret. A year later, the same four people appear on stage in Las Vegas accomplishing their performance in front of a very large audience. Their huge trick (robbing a bank) which has never been performed on a stage, gives us all a shocker and leaves us mesmorised. Throughout the Film, the FBI and Interpol department aim to capture these four illusionists yet get fooled every time.

Now You See Me is a mind teaser. We’re constantly being fooled into believing something that may or may not be real. The more closer we look, the less we see. As the audience we try to solve the puzzle and put the pieces right, yet the Four Horsemen are always one step ahead of us. Simply genius. The film’s structure and how this team of illusionists make their way to the top by tricking everyone is outstanding. From several entertainment lures we become distracted in the magic and simply thurst for more.

“Nothings ever locked” – Dave Franco as Jack

The team of illusionists; Daniel (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt (Woody Harrelson), Henley (Isla Fisher) and Jack (Dave Franco) are absolutely superb. Each character brings their own tricks to the table and surely have talent hidden up their sleeves (pun-intended). Jesse brings this experienced persona to his character. His fast tricks, motion and creativity gives us something new and is profoundly applaudible. His speech is engaging and his illusions with the cards are flawless.

Likewise, Dave Franco gives his full effort in Jack’s role. He plays the younger kid whom is just

The close you look, the less you will see.

beginning out in magic. His passion for illusions and determination makes him a likeable character. I must admit that his fight scene with the interpol was unforgettable. The amount of tricks melded with the action scene gave us no time to blink, leaving us glued to our seats.

Merritt, The Mentalist, has this irritating spark about him. His pathetic desperado with Henley was slightly unnecessary and gave him the jerk-type persona. Though, his mind reading and hypnotising skills were profoundly entertaining.

Isla Fisher,  the escape Artist,  brought that feminine twist to the magic. As Henley she didn’t exactly have a fixed talent. Yet her gentle snaps and disappearances were ravishing. She knew what she was doing and was focused on the plan.

Interpol’s Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) and Alma (Mélanie Laurent) worked great as a team. Indeed they had their quibbles, yet their chemistry worked, giving us a spark of romance. As an Interpol investigating in this case, Mark gave us a believable performance. His frustration and determination in wanting to destroy the four horsemen was evident, where we were slightly sitting on the fence. On one hand, we enjoyed the Horsemen’s entertainment, yet on the other hand, we knew these bank heists were wrong.

Morgan Freeman as the long-lost magician (Thaddeus) brought the knowledge in the film. He explained to us step by step the plans and made us gawk at the illusionists’ intelligence.

Overall, Now You See Me is a must-watch. A film that truly takes you on a journey of magic complimented with gratifying graphics and outstanding performances. With such stunning cinematography, the action is gripping and the drama is compelling. An engaging story is definitely brought to life by a superb cast. The ending slightly lacks justification, where we’re left wondering what has actually happened. However, this just makes us want to see more. I’m hoping for a sequel.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: Meera Darji


2 thoughts on “Now You See Me (2013) Film Review

  1. Nice review Meera. It did surprise me by the end, but I think that’s mainly because the twist made no sense and just seemed like a manipulative way for this flick to pull a fast one on me.

    1. Thanks for reading Dan. I liked the Film due to the illusions and clever planning. Yet, the ending was a slight fail and an unusual twist.

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