Monsters University (2013)

Dan Scanlon brings back all the fun and games, puns, hilarious characters and adventure in the latest Monsters University prequel. Indeed with a successful hit with the very first Monsters Inc (2001), the anticipation was definitely built up for the second film, after 12 years!

Monsters Unviersity definitely tops it and gives the whole Monsters Incorporation franchise some background and solid history. Throughout the film, we are solely focused on Mike Wazowski’s journey to his ultimate dream; being a scarer. From growing up to finally getting accepted in MU, he is more determined to reach his goals than ever. Mike finally begins to settle at MU, with his roommate Randy (Oh yes the antagonist, whom actually started off as a geek!) and prepares for his final exam. However, acquainting with James. P Sulivan (the class slacker), competition arises where lets just say they aren’t the very best of friends. Wanting to prove to the whole University, that Mike is truly a scarer, he bravely enters a challenge; The Roar Games. With Sullivan and a few other ‘less’ monstrous monsters in the team, Mike’s confidence is loosened. This is their chance to get back into the ‘Scare Programme’. Will the Oozma Kappa’s defeat the rest of the teams and finally prove the Dean wrong?

Monsters University, brings together a fun, loving tale with superb ‘special’ monsters, each with their very own gift. The hilarious puns are absolutely brilliant and unforgettable. Each scene is finely followed up, whereby we are always on Mike’s and Sullivan’s side. The nitty gritty and stereotypical American University ambience is surely a thrill to watch. From the crazy football, the conventional clubs, to the terrifying librarian, the comedy is genius.

Throughout the film we are taken on a journey of Mike and Sullivan’s relationship. Their constant banter and competition at the beginning is purely entertaining. Mike is portrayed as the geek whom gets straight A’s, compared to Sullivan, the big popular monster known for his father’s success. Their differences are definitely encountered, yet we gradually see them form together as best friends. Their trust and friendship grows, as we learn more about them. We finally see how they become true pals and their journey to Monsters Incorporation. Their hard work, passion and dedication are what get them through life.

Overall, Monsters University is definitely a compelling animated film, packed with adventure and the ultimate journey of friendship. The film is made for everyone and contains hilarious comedy jokes, whereby the script is superb. Each monster is used at their fullest and finely thought out. From Terry with an Y and Terri with an I (the dancers), Squishy’s mum who listens to hard metal rock, to the fluffly Art who can breakdance! Monsters University is worth a watch. And I have to add, that little Mikey is absolutely adorable.

My rating: 9/10

Written by: Meera Darji

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