Murder 3 (2013) Film Review

An intense, slow paced thriller, which definitely over-runs with time and lacks that core grittiness. Directed by Vishesh Bhat, Murder 3 has some surprising twists yet overall fails to achieve the full works of a thriller.

The film follows the life of Vikram (Randeep Hooda), a fashion photographer whom is in love with his perfect women, Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari). After moving together in a far too large house, Vikram’s workload gets heavier. They both seem to be settling in, however Roshni isn’t too happy with Vikram’s work colleage Naomi, whom gives off bad vibes. Roshni soon doubts Vikram whether he is cheating on her and questions their trust. Meeting Ms.Field (the British owner of the house) she challenged Roshni to test Vikram’s loyalty. However, the love test rebounds an complete fail, as Roshni soon ends up regretting the mistake of her life.

Murder 3 is an entertaining film, but only begins to get set halfway through the film. The slow paced sequence is utterly emphasized, where we are constantly eager to find out more (not in the good way). We’re left hanging on the edge of our seats, where character development is prioritized last. Unfortunately this drags on time, where the audience are not given much information nor insight. Yet this is all balanced out around 65 minutes into the film, where our questions are finally answered.

Indeed, Murder 3 is filled with a fairly new cast whom of which I feel were not as strong as expected. Sara Loren’s performance as the item girl ‘Nisha’ was far too stereotyped and predictably lost interest. Loren felt out of place and her actions were overly acted out (if that makes sense) and her character slightly became irritating to watch. Her dumbness was overly emphasized and ridiculously given too much screen time. I mean in one scene she was prancing around on her bed!

Sara Loren as Nisha in Murder 3

Randeep played this stubborn, reserved character through Vikram. His serious persona and solid focus was great. However, like Loren, Randeep’s performance wasn’t up to scratch, where he fell flat in a few scenes. His ‘player’ and sex appeal was exaggerated far too much.

In complete contrast, Vikrams first love ‘Roshni’ played by Aditi Rao Hydari was brilliant. Aditi’s effort and performance brought the Film to life, whereby we were moved by her characters anxiety. The sweet and subtle persona was perfect where she her loyalty was evident. Likewise, her anger and realistic attitude when became trapped created this enthralling movement, where the film was finally picked up.

Aditi as Roshni in Murder 3 

Overall, Murder 3 is a entertainer. However, if you’re expecting a twisted, mind compelling plot then you’re in for a change. Murder 3 contains a simple story through a non-linear technique and definitely stretches out the scenes (some of which were purely unnecessary. And may I add, that the title has no reference to the film whatsoever.

My Rating 6/10

Written by: Meera Darji



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