The Croods (2013) Film Review

A family fun adventure filled with a great cast and adventurous plot. The Croods follows the story of a Caveman family whom survive out in the wilderness. Their daily routines are focused to live and follow the fixed rules. However, with the elder daughter Eep bumping into Guy (another caveman) they discover a terrible event approaching. The worlds end. Thus, the whole family set off on a journey to Tomorrow, aiming to avoid The End.

Directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders, The Croods sure is a humorous film, making you giggle at the memorable characters. Conventionally, the tale is introduced as a typical story. Telling us the basic history of the Caveman family and gradually welcoming each character. The Croods itself are a bunch of eccentric characters, each with their very own special personas and skills. The cavemen characteristics are definitely evident, where the masculinity and braveness shines throughout.

Eep is a true explorer. Her focus on chasing the light is incredible to watch. The way the sun is so fascinating to them makes you wonder your appreciation. Eep struggles to fit in with her family and her tiredness of the rules is very well clear. Though, at the minute her eyes seek Guy, a true feeling of love at first sight is remarkable. Eep (Emma Stone) is filled with curiosity and her teen-like persona is emphasized through her dialogue. Likewise, her relationship with her dad stereotypically follows the father-daughter banter.

Grug (Nicolas Cage) is the ultimate hero. He plays the macho father whom showers all his key skills; parenting, protecting and of course setting the rules to his family. Grug again has the stereotypical persona of a father, where he despises Guy due to Eep’s chemistry with him. The constant separation of Eep and Guy is clever and adamant. At times you empathise with Grug, wondering how shattered he must be with all those heavy rock lifting.

“How can she not like the cave? …It’s Cosy” – Grug

The gran (Chloris Leachman) is like some super gran and is definitely doing well for her age. The mother, Ugga (Cather Keener) has the motherly personality, where her wise words and caring attitude is evident. Sandy (Randy Thom), the wild child is very similar to a small yet growling animal. The brother, Thunk plays the over weighted, dopey kid who’s flops and rebounds are hilarious.

Last but not least, Guy (Ryan Reynolds) plays this ultimate teen boy whom has this cute persona yet a weak soul. The way he is shaken up from a tight squeeze is profoundly entertaining, where you feel as if he would break at any minute. Yet his ‘ideas’ get The Croods very far.

“Since I don’t have a brain, I think they’re coming from down in my stomach.” – Grug

Overall The Croods is an entertaining animation. From clever puns to wonderful characters, we are set off on an bumpy journey filled with many twists, turns and tar. The script is hilarious and the dialogue is memorable. The Croods work together as a family, where Teamwork and following the light are the key morals. Belt is one of my favourite additions and sparks the comedic twists the whole way.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: Meera Darji

10 thoughts on “The Croods (2013) Film Review

    1. Thank you! Yes its a great film and hilarious, worth a watch! I now really need to see Despicable Me!

      1. Yeah I’m so eager to see it, probably try and watch it this week! Likewise, I really want to watch Monsters University 🙂 wow these animation films are sure doing well 😀

      2. Omg same! I forgot about that, love a good animated film! Shame it won’t still be on in the cinema when we’re all back at Coventry, we could’ve had a group cinema trip xD

      3. Yeah thats true, lol. I’ve read some good reviews on it, can’t wait for all these new sequels, especially Finding Nemo 2 as well haha 🙂

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