Once Bitten, Twice Shy – Shoot

Okay, so I’ve finally caught up on my sleep and now its definitely time to catch up on my blog. As you may know, we recently shot a short film ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy‘ by Natasha over at Films and Things. It was an early start but the whole build up was worth it. From the journey (Which I may add, wow Devon has some tiny roads) to the whole shooting of the Film was brilliant.

As a crew, we had some absolutely hilarious moments and a few quotes we’ll always look back at (I’m proud to say I may have my first book published filled with my very own quotes). Indeed, above all the excitement  we managed to complete all the scenes and required shots. We worked together and used all the space around us to capture the scene.

As the Cinematographer/Camera Op, I was definitely focused on which angles and shots would look good. I was particularly glad we shot on the Canon 5D, as I was pretty used to all the settings, which made filming easier. Likewise, I have gained so much more experience, but also practice with the camera. Moreover, photographing the stills was something I was so proud of. As a hobby, I enjoy photography and after capturing some great shots, I couldn’t help but say to myself “Well done Meera“.

The cast were absolutely brilliant and delivered their lines. At times we had this special nod when a shot was beautiful and unconsciously it became a great habit. The cast were confident with their lines and performance, which reduced the takes and a scene was over before we knew it!

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the whole experience. We managed to capture the whole script in one day and produced some gripping moments. The crew were great to work with, and I emphasise how much of a team we worked as. The laughs were entertaining and unstoppable. We managed to create the dramatic ambience and had the perfect location for it. From getting picked up to view a high angle shot, to getting the gun hit in the camera – the Production was great fun and memorable. I am definitely pleased with our progress and can’t wait to see the whole film.


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