Identity Thief (2013) Film Review

A stolen credit card, a crazy journey and a rather long paced film, is probably my best sumarisation of Identity Thief. Indeed, it sounds like its of all over the place, because it sure is.

Identity Thief follows the life of a crazy women named ‘Diana’ (well that’s one of her names, though it could be Tina, or Tanya) whom tends to live off other identities. Sandy Paterson’s idenity in particular is her new target. Unfortunately whilst Diana is having the time of her life, buying jewellery and boats, the real Sandy is becoming in-debt. After a few rough patches with his boss, losing his job and basically becoming wiped out, he sets out to bring this thief home and turn her in. Though, after meeting Diana for the first time, things start to get weird. They get to know each other, people randomley chase after her and well this sense of friendship forms.

Seth Gordon, Director of Horrible Bosses, tends to focus on the main protagonists rather than the plot. From time to time, there was confusing storylines and moments of “whats happening now” throughout. The random thugs chasing Diana felt out of place and irrelevent. Due to their lack of background story, the significant details were neglected where we left assuming their presence. An hour through the film, I actually checked the time and realised that I was only just halfway and was wondering when the proper adventure woud start. In short, the film was slow-paced and unnecessarily stretched out.

On a lighter note, the character development was great. Melissa MCarthy was profoundly humourous and her character’s personna was evident. The bubblyness of her character was entertaining to watch, in which the slightest random dialogue piece was memorable. As cunning as she was, as the film went on, we gradually learnt more about Diana, where we finally saw a true heart behind this thief.

Likewise, Jason Bateman as Sandy was incredibly a likeable person. His seriousness in contrast to Diana’s weirdness, was perfectly balanced out. Sandy’s slow and lack of diaologue was weirdly funny. I mean, his honesty was transparent, which made us stand by him all the way.

Overall, Identity Thief is this slow-paced comedy, which consists of two great actors yet lacks that compelling climax. Unfortunately, due to its emptyness, the film simply gets filed under the ‘time-pass’ catergory. Though, both Jason Bateman and Melissa MCarthy deserve credit for bringing the comedy!

My rating: 5/10

Written by: Meera Darji


2 thoughts on “Identity Thief (2013) Film Review

  1. We watched this over the weekend – thought it was OK but not as hilarious as it wanted to be. The throat punch thing was a good running gag. Nice work!

    1. Yeah I was disappointed with this, especially the comedy aspect. Though Melissa MCarthy was brill at times! Lol the punching in the throat was epic! Thanks.

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