Pitch Perfect (2012) Film Review

….get Pitch-slapped

Pitch Perfect, a musical comedy which centralizes on a bunch of College students whom aca their way to the regional finals. Directed by Jason Moore, Pitch Perfect consists of a luring plot and a great cast.

The film begins with Beca (Anna Kendrick), a music mixer and aspiring Dj, on her first day at Barden University. Attempting to settle in, she comes across an all girls singing group named ‘Bellas’. With her father’s wise words of wanting her to fit in, but also getting heard in the shower, she gives them a chance and joins. But all high schools come with rivals, in particular the ‘Treblemakers’ whom they compete against each in the Nationals. Their aim is to take home victory and make themselves aca-proud.

Although, I initially thought Pitch Perfect would be predictable with the same old, typical singing and dance numbers, I was surprised to see how it introduced a few new styles and sparked some great moments. The varieties of songs performed were catchy and highly applaudible. Immediately, the film allowed us to grasp that youth environment, where competition was at stake.

Stereotypically, the film unfortunately dipped into a few cliché holes. For example, having the American high school characters, such as; the blonde leader, a few geeks, quiet ones and mostly followers. Yet I have to admit, that the cast was brilliant, in particular Fat Amy. Amy (Rebel Wilson) indeed brought the film to life and gave the ‘comedy’ genre a powerful focus. Her random dialogue, noticeable gestures and simply epic characteristics were profoundly entertaining. She was the star of the film, likewise was Beca.

Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect

Anna Kendrick sure did a great job in bringing Beca’s character to life, where both her seriousness and talent was evident. The cups song, which I may add has become viral, was gratifying, where I remember just gawking at Beca. The ‘Rip off’ scene was very entertaining too. With different groups competing, having these fierce sing offs was pretty awesome, where you felt like joining along.

Maybe my positive verdict is lenient towards the fact that I like musicals. And well, if you’re not a big fan of the Musical genre, then Pitch Perfect may not be your cup of tea. Though having said that, throughout the film as well as music, we see true friendship, romance, comedy and a fast paced storyline in addition to the entertainment.

Avoid the Treblemakers

There are a few downsides and predictable moments, I mean who would’ve guessed we first hear Beca singing in the shower, and the geek with a hidden talent, and did I mention how the Bellas can kick ass? In contrast, there were a few unpleasant surprises, which give the film a shock factor (in a good way).

Overall, in a few words, tt’s like a compressed version of Glee. But more entertaining and stronger.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Written by: Meera Darji


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