Om Shanti Om (2007) Film Review

Om Shanti Om, a Hindu spiritual chant defining peace for all kind. A unforgettable Bollywood blockbuster directed by the famous Farah Khan, which brings true love, humanity, friendship, honesty and dreams to life. With a deserving 13 wins and whopping 14 nominations, Om Shanti Om is worth a watch for all the right reasons.

Warning, may contain spoilers.

Set in the 1970’s, an aspiring actor ‘Om’ (Shah Rukh Khan) finds himself as an extra in majority of the of local films, aiming to get his foot in the industry. A beautiful actress ‘Shanti’ (Deepika Podukone) crosses his path (or should I say ‘set’) leaving Om mesmorised by her beauty, talent and innocence. Gradually Shanti becomes Om’s soft spot where we see him constantly chase after her. However, as the film goes by, we find that Shanti is the fiancé of a cunning rich actor named ‘Mukesh’ (Arjun Rampal). Giving good news that he is going to be a father, Mukesh’s selfish motives, wealth and title gets to the best of him. He murders Shanti. This only to be witnessed by the innocent Om, whom heroically attempts to save Shanti but ends up fighting with fire and Mukesh’s con men, leaving him in an unsafe place. Om is reborn into a famous actor as ‘O.K’ short for Om Kapoor where his consciousness leads him to the very same place of Shanti’s death. Harsh flashbacks, abrupt memories daunt Om where he finally learns the truth. After reuniting with his family, Om takes revenge onto another level, where the film is full of surprises.

The plot is genius and the build up is enthralling. We’re constantly on Om’s side and are always faced with the truth. The strive and hunger for ambition is evident in Om’s character, where the award winning speech scene is simply magical. This contrast between the past Om and the new Om is outstanding and cleverly thought out.

Shah Rukh Khan plays a slick role of O.K, acting like this cool, fresh chap in which his script let me down. Though the introduction of Om reborn through a voice over illustrating his dream was phenomenal. In both characters, his determination and hard-working motives are genuine. Small yet vital characteristics such as; the fear of fire and combing of his hair, add to his persona, reminding us of the past Om.

Step by step, the revenge was carefully constructed. Trapping Mukesh, realistically confronting him, frightening moments where a ghost seemed real were all brilliant parts of the film. Several comedic twists were available, especially through the dialogue and the casting scene. I have to mention how Deepika’s famous line Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Mukesh…” has become viral. Just like the Shanti at the beginning, a duplicate is discovered ‘Sandy’, whom we see grow and become more and more like Shanti.

Emotional moments, which leave you speechless, are gratifying. Somehow we all relate to the film due to the vast morals, but also this inspiring tale of fighting for your dream.

Arjun Rampal plays a superb villain, who ticks all the boxes in the film. He truly brings out his character, where we strongly despise Mukesh from the very start (in a good way). His selfish tone and sarcastic remarks are coldly significant and emphasize the ‘bad guy’ title.

Evil Mukesh on the right

Alongside the compelling tale, the unforgettable title song nicely features a wide range of famous Bollywood actors and actresses. Packed with fun, a moving dance number and signature moves, the audience become energised, where the guessing game begins.

Overall, a colourful film with a driven story line, which engages you right from the start. Character development is evident and focused upon, becoming one of the strengths in the film. Farah Khan brings out the best in this film and pushes the ambition, drive and sparkle throughout. Last but not least, Om Shanti Om to all!

My rating: 9/10

Written by: Meera Darji


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