Inkaar (2012) Film Review

Inkaar captures a simple story in a very bleak way. Directed by Sudhie Mishra, Inkaar lacks that engaging factor, thus tuning our interest away. With a poor storyline and slow paced sequence, the film simply disappoints.

Based on the world of advertising, ‘Rahul Verma’ played by Arjun Rampal is identified as one of the top grossing CEO’s of an ad agency. With a new employee introduced ‘Maya Luthra’ (Chritrangda Singh), situations become complex than they should and simply lead to a busy plot. Competition becomes bold and power is underlined. Maya’s jealousy is evident through Verma’s success, thus erupting her selfish motives. She files a sexual harassment against Rahul, which somehow very obliviously seems untrue. A scene of the company’s employers questioning both Rahul and Maya tends to stretch throughout the whole film, with moments of flashbacks. All we are eager to see is whether the accusations are true or false. And yet we are still left with an obscure answer.

Inkaar simply tries to accomplish that drama and intensity through its characters and story. Yet, the misery and stereotypical relationship between Rahul And Maya becomes painful to watch. The constant backstabbing opposed to the passionate feelings, leaves the audience in a confused space where our enigmas are unanswered. Likewise, the shaky and uneven cinematography becomes a norm throughout the film, where suddenly the dated zooming in and out technique is constantly used.

On a lighter note, the message and morals of the film are certainly clear and relevant in today’s times. The sexual harassment cases in big companies like this are often over-looked, due to men in positions of power and dirty politics in place. Thus, in this film Maya’s voice is finally heard and her side of the story is valued. On the contrary, the moral of how a student should appreciate their Guru, their teacher is evident. In this case, Rahul teaches Maya all the correct skills and expertise to enhance her career. Where, once her foot is in the industry, she neglects Rahul and backfires, hence is brainwashed by her success and popularity.

Overall, Inkaar is a dull film with a slow paced duration and slow climax. The film neither builds up to anything, or has a moment of brilliantness. The only memorable impact is initially in the first frame, where Rahul’s father solidly states, “whatever you own, is your right”. This quote supports the story throughout, but unfortunately lightly is told through visuals.

My Rating: 3/10

Written by: Meera Darji


8 thoughts on “Inkaar (2012) Film Review

    1. Thanks for reading, I understand where your coming from, though I guess its one of those films where you either like it or don’t. Yes totally agree, Arjun Rampal wasn’t a strong actor in this film, However was great in Om Shanti Om Thanks for reading.

      1. Of course I took it lightly, don’t worry, its interesting to hear other peoples views. Thank you for commenting and keep up the great posts!

  1. 100% disagree with you… Very complex movie from Shudhir Mishra about he says and she says and how two people who fell in love but wanted to bring down each other, Chitragunda Singh and Arjun Rampal were outstanding, one of those rare movies where screenplay was better than overall story & impactful climax.

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