Strum For Hope Film Shoot – Day 1

Today was the first film shoot for ‘Strum For Hope’ – A short film based on a young homeless girl named ‘Brooke’. For those who may not have read my earlier post, I am currently in Production of a independent short film. The script is written, likewise the pre-production is completed and now the Production is underway.

Below is a short synopsis of the film:

Brooke is homeless. An unexpected situation, she never imagined to be part of. Losing her mother when she was young, her father remarried. Few years later her father left and Brooke was entrapped with her obedient step mum; Jill. With no support and lack of confidence, Brooke lost her hope to strive towards her goal. Brooke decides to leave home for good, where she believes the world out there is a better place to live in. Expressing her thoughts and feelings poetically, we see her explore the world, as she aims to save money for college.

“Some are born with a family, a career, a certain lifestyle, but some, some like me, we manifest those things through our journey, truly seeking hope within…” – Brooke

Today, I shot quite a few scenes; the library scene involving a conversation between Brooke and the librarian, the scene where Brooke awakes from a disturbing flashback, reading and writing beside the tree and several actuality shots.

Library scene with Brooke and the Librarian

I managed to get some great shots of the conversation and complete it in a short time. This which was definitely due to the great cast and their smooth lines. Thus due to having extra time in the library, I managed to capture several more shots of Brooke searching through the books and simply exploring literature.

IMG_0562The cold, mundane weather wasn’t very appealing on set yet definitely added to the bleak and emotional ambience of the film. I was aiming for a cold, dull atmosphere and todays British weather surely did the trick. Enduring the wind and damp weather was worth it.

With my family members helping me out on set, each with an specified role, the Production went smoothly and we finished earlier than expected.

There are still scenes to be shot, such as; the flashback, busking, city centre etc, however this is all scheduled in the forthcoming weeks. I also now have an actress for Brooke’s stepmother ‘Jill’ and casting is finally complete.

We took a load of set photographs which should be uploaded soon. Likewise footage for the trailer and outakes look promising!

In the mean time, to keep up-to-date with the project’s status be sure to give my Facebook page a like and a follow on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Strum For Hope Film Shoot – Day 1

  1. wow! this sounds so exciting, Meera..eager to see the complete film! the plot looks great..would be exciting to see how you translate it into a film 🙂 i hope to be able to make one myself someday 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! Yes still a few scenes need to be completed then should be finished! I also can’t wait to see the finished Film. Thats great, it doesn’t have to be ‘someday’ it can be now! All you need is a camera and that powerful eye.

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