Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs (2009) Film Review

Imagine if it rained burgers, pancakes, ice cream…wouldn’t that be plain awesome?

Well, according to Flint Lockwood, that sure is possible. A born inventionist, Flint spends his whole life trying to create different inventions through experimenting with never-seen science. However, with his only believer his mother dying when he was young, Flint lacks the support he truly seeks for.

Until his recent invention, where rain and clouds are absorbed to create the molecules of food items. Living in a very low-economic city where slimy sardines are there only meal, the Mayor’s interest in this machine grows likewise does his belly. A fist rain of burgers mesmorises the public, where they admire Flint’s machine and begin prepping orders. Days and days go by, with falls of breakfast, sweets, cheese mac, various meats, all creating the perfect menu. Until, the ‘dang-o-meter’ rises, hitting the red bar creating a sudden urge of bold clouds and thundering sizes of food, creating danger for the city and soon everyone in the world.

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, is a stunning and entertaining film. The beautiful colours and literal food graphics are absorbed, giving us the rumble in our tum. It’s a wonderful concept, where you want you simply want to get your plate ready. The film has a few unique moments, which are utterly genius. The leftover land, for all the questioning minds of “isn’t the food going to go to waste?” and a roofless restaurant for those expanding on business. Likewise, the bibs shop and mothers not worrying about dinner, all add to that comedic side. Silly yet extraordinary elements, engaging you further into the film.

The characters are memorable and each contains something special about their personas. Poor Flint (Bill Hader) who tries so hard, but always ends up getting booed by the public. Until this final invention, where his skills and talent are praised, appreciated and noticed. Flint’s clumsiness and child-like behavior adds to the slapstick comedy and makes his character more likable.

Flint and Sam….and Jello

Likewise, his crush, Sam Sparks (Anna Faris), definitely creates a spark of romance. Their common interests and hobbies are so alike, where we feel as if they are truly made for each other.

Overall, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, is a great animation filled with memorable scenes and genuine characters. Certainly an interesting concept with the raining food, graphically mesormising. Packed full of action and exciting moments where the ending doesn’t fail, but simply is emotional and profoundly entertaining. With only a few criticisms, with the pacing and stereotypical conventions of the countries, which can be slightly over looked.

Talks of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs2 is to be released in September this year. Filled with more exciting foods, talking foods, and generally hilarious food puns!

My Rating: 8/10

Written by: Meera Darji

4 thoughts on “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs (2009) Film Review

  1. I love this movie to bits! It was amazing to watch at the theatres especially since its geared to be in 3D but its exactly what you said, entertaining and so delicious to watch. Food falling from the sky works for me 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! Totally agree, its an tummy-pleasing film and sure made me hungry lol! Can’t wait for the second one!

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