Las Vegas horror Films

I was recently researching at the world cinema and came across this interesting article based around some of the best and worst horror films set in Las Vegas. Until this date I didn’t exactly think about the literal locations of horror films. However, narrowing down their roots, setting does make a huge difference as to whether they are successful or a complete failure.

Films set in Las Vegas didn’t hugely strike me, where I rarely thought about the actual destination itself. To be honest, Las Vegas (stereotypically) reminded me of the Casino scenes in majority of the films. Lets not also forget the Tom Vaughan’s film ‘What Happens in Vegas’ (2008) and of course Todd Philips’ ‘The Hangover’ (2009) which have ‘Las Vegas’ written on the tin. Though these definitely fall out of the horror genre and begin to blur our focus.

But on a serious note, if I on the spot fired the question; Name a few Las Vegas horror Films, I have a feeling you may pause for a few seconds, or simply suggest the following below…

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Apparently shot in the ‘ruins’ of Las Vegas and a lot in Mexico, Resident Evil is of course an unforgettable film. A zombie apocalyptic event, which truly rips the flesh out of Vegas. Starring Milla Jovovich with a group of survivors fighting against the blood gorging zombies, bringing down the ultimate Umbrella Corporation.

Hostel: Part three (2012)

Be careful, looks are deceiving. Hostel three captures the true essence of life in Vegas. Well at the beginning of course. From partying, poker and pleasure, the four four guys are having the time of their lives in Sin City. But I spoke to soon. Abruptly they become the next victims of a filthy game. A class which always wins, is mesmorised by gore and finds entertainment through their torture. I really hope there won’t be a fourth? Do you?

Here’s a few titles which I haven’t yet seen, but fall into the horror genre set in Las Vegas…

Vampire in Vegas (2009)

Vegas Vampires (2003)

Leprachaun 3 (1995)

No doubt there may be more Las Vegas horror films which I may have missed. However, these were the immediate ones that came into my head, likewise I believe the most memorable too. What do you guys think? Any good or really bad Horror films out there…set in Las Vegas of course?

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas horror Films

  1. Great article 😀 I hadn’t thought about location very much either! Not to the point of where they’re actually set, more about the aesthetics of the location if that makes sense xD
    But I’ve seen a lot of those films and didn’t like any of them!! Hostel 3 is absolutely awful…then again, so are the first two! I don’t like the Resident Evil films at all! And the Leprechaun films are terrible! Don’t know about the vampire ones though haha

    1. Yeah I know I didn’t even think about it until I actually read the article, its quite interesting to see how the films are really not very good and coincidently they’re all shot in the same place! I totally agree, really hope there’s not a Hostel 4, knowing them we may get a few! The vampire ones were just a few I found, though they don’t seem ‘great’. Thanks for reading!

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