Creative Critical Process. NET TV Website.

With experience in making a website in the past for my family business, RS Xclusive, I was quite pleased when I found out that a website had to be created as part of out assessment.

For our TV show we were given ‘Spontaneity’ as our theme, which was quite direct but at the same time slightly ambiguous. Being spontaneous has vast definitions from ‘random’ styles, bright colours to complete weirdness. Having said that after discussing ideas with our group, we generated a few ideas, which narrowed down the vagueness of the theme.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 16.43.25In terms of our show’s demographics, we predominantly aimed at a younger audience, targeting 16-25 year olds. Therefore, taking everything into account, I decided to create a website which was quite vibrant, fun and interactive. The tabs and pages were set very clear yet consisted of an adventurous title. I decided to keep the tabs simple and easily to navigate through, in which I was inspired by the simplicity of The One Show’s tab layout. Thus solely focusing on the creative content. Labeling the news page ‘Gripping Gossip’ and ‘Crazy Competitions’ created this alliterated caption, heaving a quirky side of NET TV. Due to our target audience catered towards the younger generation, I chose to feature quick, snappy ‘Gossip’ instead of wholesome news, generally due its concise information and more appealing approach.

Considering a personal aspect of NET TV was beneficial. I created a separate page to allow our viewers to ‘Meet the team’ which blurred that boundary between the audience and our show. Containing professional headshots would provide an insight on NET TV’s crew. Likewise, labeling a role to the person would make the audience feel closer to the show due to the recollection of NET TV’s history.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 16.51.38

Interactivity is key in the making. My aim was to encourage as many viewers to actively participate within the show, therefore the ‘Get Involved’ page stemmed several opportunities for them to do so. Below that page, I created three sub pages each consisting of valuable interaction schemes. The ‘Competition’ category was fueled with varied styles of how the audience could easily win prizes, but of course in an exciting way. Entertaining and humourous quizzes such as; ‘Best caption for the photo on the left?’ would definitely engage readers to generate ideas, especially if they would win a canvas of the unforgettable image. Simplicity was significant; therefore in response to the competitions, there Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 16.56.50was either a Facebook comment box, a ‘tweet’ button or a direct page to a simple form to submit their answers. Constantly referring back to the theme, I generated a few spontaneous gifts, such as: Dishwasher tablets, a fish bowl, a trumpet or even some cool headphones. Plus this ‘free’ and ‘easy’ aspect would entice the audience to search for more.

With our TV show consisting of a presenters challenge, I wanted to synchronize this enthralling twist to my website. Each week our two presenters would go face-to-face on an ‘epic’ duel to see who will take home victory. The page will be refreshed to the latest challenge, where in the archive they would be able to absorb the past winners and fun challenges. Giving the audience a chance to literally vote for either David or Laura by simply one click demonstrated NET TV’s USP (Unique Selling Point) whereby this could be spread via social networking and other transmedia.

Spontaneous hour. A place filled with all things different, unusal and most of all random. This page was the most ambiguous in terms of genre, as it consisted of fiery questions, a guessing game called ‘I blurry spy’, sending your stories in and addicting games. The ‘Treasure Hunt’ game was very clever in its motive, as by asking the public to count how many times we used the word ‘spontaneous’ and ‘spontaneity’ they unconsciously would be exploring the website (inside-out). Where the exploration would lead to new discoveries of interaction, gallery and videos. ‘Spontaneous hour’ signified an entertaining page where the audience may bookmark to reduce boredom. I believe that from all the pages, this may be the strongest link to our theme, due to its diverse entertainment as well as clever marketing strategies inviting consumer’s in.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 16.58.19

In terms of the homepage, I didn’t want to overcrowd it with too much information; therefore by using a sliding banner and a few featured boxes below, I aimed to represent NET TV’s overall identity. Rather than inserting simple images in the slider, I independently created artwork using Photoshop, to make my website look more engaging. I featured what I thought was the most entertaining and thought provoking material. Therefore, I combined what was up for grabs in terms of involvement, this week’s challenge, a wall of fame (meet the crew), exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and a sneak peak of spontaneous hour. All these versatile banners had their own purpose leading to different opportunities for our audience.

Overall, in order to create a successful website I believe I have employed various interactive elements to entice our audience. This being competitions, challenges, questions, quizzes and games. As well as the obvious, I approached subtle marketing ploys which disguised as free entertainment yet realistically would effect our audience traffic and thus word of mouth. This which I have adopted through transmedia by using several platforms to engage a mass audience. I have explained the demonstration and understanding of transmedia here. My website can be found here.

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