What to expect when your expecting (2012) Film Review

What to expect when your expecting certainly met my expectations: a poor storyline together with cliché characters. Indeed, Kirk Jones’ latest comedy/drama has a few bumps, turns and kicks (pun-intended), though it doesn’t meet that high bar. With a very large cast and too many stories at once, the film not only confuses you, but irrelevantly stretches a few too far.

Bit of a slip

Tales of very different couples are perpetuated on screen with their desperation and/or expectation of wanting/having a child. The tough, I’m-going-to-be-a-parent journey is definitely reinforced upon, where to an extent follows too ‘icky’ stereotypical conventions, making you say, “ah I bet it’s not that bad…stop exaggerating”. Yet having said that, there were sparks of comedy, which subtly grew into dialogues and then disappeared. Lets just say the film is sincerely what it says on the tin, an utter expectation (or rather emphasized expectation) of how preparation is before having a child.

There’s the famous couple, Jules (Cameron Diaz) and Evan (Mathew Morrison) whom appear in the famous ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show. Jules’ brave and active attitude reflects on her day job ‘Lose it and weep’. However, with a busy schedule, sparks of tension arise between Jules and Evan.


The Cooper family are very eager for a child whereas the other Cooper Family naturally have twins. Their binary oppositions are hilarious, where the heat and competitive relationship between Father and son becomes undeniably predictable. Likewise, its quite disturbing with the way Skyler unnaturally acts with the bump, in a very exposed way. I mean why would you wear a bikini?

 Photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez) sincerely dreams about having a child, however as she can’t, she’s encouraged to go through an adoption agency. However, her partner Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) is definitely not ready. He heads out to meet the “real, experienced fathers” out there, which lets just say, give him a true take on what its like to have a child.

whoa whoa easy there

The way the four fathers casually swagger through their park with their baby gear up to date and daily routine in place, is priceless.

Overall, it’s a cheesy, rom-com flick that can be watched as a time pass.  It’s quite interesting to see how each couple are somehow related and pass each other throughout the film. This constant relation to their issues is dignified and quite engaging. Though, in terms of originality, What to expect when your expecting lacks that gripping storyline and is too indulged within the stereotypical characters. Examples of this would be the younger couple, following the girl-hates-guy but they fall in love and accidently she gets pregnant type of cliché. These irrelevant extras allow the film to lose its focus, resulting in a yawning correlation. On the whole, a very average film by Kirk Jones, which I was honestly expecting more.

My rating: 5/10

Written by: Meera Darji


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