Transmedia Storytelling. The new #Trend

Transmedia can be defined solely on how wide range of media platforms have been engaged within the creative industries immensely. Today transmedia has been integrated with nearly every low budget and Blockbuster production, typically portraying its significance in everyone’s world. It’s a new way in which storytelling is enhanced in order to consume a wider audience from simply different aspects of technology.

Likewise, I have adopted this Transmedia platform in order to engage mass audiences, through participation and luring them into my show. Whilst creating my website, I constantly referred back to the social networking profiles of ‘NET TV’. Every single one of my pages had some sort of reference to Facebook and Twitter, whether it would be a simple logo or even text. Stretching new ways of referencing social networks is vital, as enforcement on the audience can be disruptive and manipulating. Therefore, I approached both a direct and non-direct way of intriguing the audience to click on the external links. Examples of this would be by inserting a Facebook comment box, where the audience were asked to “comment” their answer in reply to a fun competition. Freely asking them to comment is beneficial, as with a prize up for grabs, the audience won’t feel as if they’re losing anything. Consequently, this opportunity is grabbed, keeping the audience stimulated and eager to search for more involvement like this.

Transmedia can metaphorically act as ‘glue’ gradually joining the receiver closer to the product, meet the teamhowever in this case our TV show. Visually and verbally the website tends to override the boundaries, where we are literally inviting the audience over. Consisting of an informal element where personality is approached definitely unlocks the gateway of creating a new relationship with our audience. Professional headshots denoted with innocent smiles captioned with ‘Meet the Team’ genuinely perpetuate the crew’s realness, reaching that extra mile to allow our viewers ‘to get to know us’.

Embedding online videos of other related content, such as; The Trend Hunters, is this reminder of what our show consists or consisted of. The package of VT’s and ‘Catch up clips’ such as our very own ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage would entertain the audience for a few hours leading them to the golden words ‘Share’. Regardless of whether they liked the video or completed hated it, the viewer will express their opinions through tweeting about it, writing a blog, sharing it on Facebook, vlogging their thoughts or even subscribing to the Youtube channel. Thus increasing the public traffic, resulting in further clicks and active discussions.

But why? Why deliver stories through multi-platforms? According to Anita Ondine in her latest TransMedia Next videos, she explains,

“Transmedia can be used for many different purposes, such as accessing new revenue strengths thinking in terms of new business models. How we can generate value through stories and story experiences in a way that creates a sustainable industry going forward.”

Stressing this idea of ‘Value’ with our business, I completely agree with how user-generated material is considerable in creating this sense of hype of NET TV. Containing a special page based on the Presenters’ weekly challenge creates this quirky aspect of NET TV, however the online voting system does transmedia justice. The enticing, juicy buttons stating to either ‘Vote Laura’ or ‘Vote David’ urges the audience to choose and click on the person they desire. With a page I automatically created, stating a big ‘Thank you’ from the presenters, releases appreciation to the participators. Where their help is noticed, making them feel part of the community and somewhat comfortable with our style. From one simple click, a whole fan culture is born, for not only our presenters but also NET TV.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 16.05.31

Storytelling in multiple ways has become the new norm, unwritten or written it appears to be this extreme virus in which deliberately is impossible to terminate. No doubt, some may state they have no relevance to social networking websites yet what they do not conceptualize is the fact that by simply watching the show they are unconsciously participating in transmedia. With technology constantly modifying and extending, boundaries have become blurred and business strategies have armed stronger.


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