Rowdy Rathore (2012) Film Review

 Prabhu Deva’s Rowdy Rathore was a number one Bollywood hit, with the catchy title song, ‘Chinta ta ta’ becoming viral. Written by Shiraz Ahmed, a great, touching story is captured, providing us a true take on the Indian Police academy and gang culture in India. Having watched the film a number of times, I have to admit that it never failed to disappoint me.

Rowdy Rathore follows the story of an undeniable conman ‘Shiva’ played by Akshay Kumar. Accidentally bumping into a 6-year-old child, she soon becomes attached to Shiva and unexpectedly calls him ‘father’. Shiva becomes the target to an unknown, dangerous gang where he questions his identity. Shiva soon realizes

Akshay Kumar playing a double role in Rowdy Rathore

his face is a replica of a Police constable, ‘Vikram Singh Rathore’. The story begins to unfold here where we come to an understanding of how innocent Vikram, the loyal police officer is controlled by ruthless politicians and chief officers who hold absurd power. Yet, Vikram’s illness gets the better of him, where Shiva morphs into his role and avenges the whole gang.

Throughout the film, we are shown an insight of power, control and the Media in India. Pathetic mafia groups hold such obnoxious power, where money is exploited. Bullying the Police Officers, using women as sex slaves and invading politics is their prime talent. Disgracefully, we despise their attitudes and horrific intentions, successfully complimented with believable villains. Its completely shocking to see how Police officers are constantly neglected, where instead of helping the village they are encouraged to take part in selfish motives. Hardcore political damage is evident, where the hierarchy and positions of power are rudimentally fixed. The public must worship them, by-stand their disgusting actions and become plebs, as they demand more.

“Don’t Angry Me”

Akshay Kumar, who plays a double role of Shiva and Vikram, definitely deserves credit. The fascinating transformation from a conman to a brave, honest hero is incredible. The action is rapid and each stunt is encountered. We rigorously feel every crack, snap and punch. Akshay’s stoic persona is identified through his confident dialogue, strong stance and determination in teaching the bad guys a lesson. His smooth, slick actions and gestures significantly create this likeable character.

Overall, Rowdy Rathore is a superb, insightful film. Allowing the audience to perceive such reality in the world in Indian Politics is outstanding and very relevant. This barrier of who owns power is simply blurred where even village owners are beginning to have selfish motives to serve political treaties. However, there were a few down sides, where the item songs became quite irritating and not very natural. The run time could have been shorter, especially with the amount of times Akshay was in a scene with hips. No doubt water is good the human body. However, for a single drop to recover from brain hemorrhage? Something’s not quite right.

My Rating: 8.5 /10

Written by: Meera Darji


2 thoughts on “Rowdy Rathore (2012) Film Review

  1. Not that I disagree with anything you said, but I didn’t take the movie too seriously. It was an awesome and fun thrill ride, which was full of the 90’s styled Bollywood action movies that I grew up with. The movie was somewhat as an homage to that era, everything from the outfits, to songs, to the cheesy lines and humour. Even the premise of the doppleganger criminal / cop was an 90’s staple in Bollywood.

    Here’s my Review, if you’re interested:

    1. Yeah I see where your coming from, though I thought the issue they pinned down was evident and superbly portrayed. The 90s theme was definiely reinforced and gave the film a nice touch. Thanks for reading!

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