A Productive Session – NET TV

Last weeks session on Friday 9th May was very busy and lets just say ‘productive’. As usual a few people were absent and again very late indeed. The runners were suppose to get on with the Set, however due to their poor punctuality, this meant that the Camera Operator, Floor Manager and PA had to fill in for their jobs. One of our presenters couldn’t make it to the session, as she had hurt her ankle the night before and had been in Hospital for a few hours. Therefore, for the interview scene I had to quickly fill in, where the VT became the presenter, and back to me – I filled in for the VT. Very complicated.

Aside from the pessimistic notes, the only thing great in the session was the fact that we finally managed to squeeze in a performance. One of our presenters sorted out the performance, which was a singer and two guitarists. The run through indeed went well, where it was a great practice for both the crew and guests. As timing was well  figured out.

Thereafter, I simply pointed out how the lighting needed to be modified, due to the darkness and shadows on their performers, however a few people didn’t like my organised and structured ideas, and decided to go against me. I truly was very upset, as I was simply just trying to do my job. The Director, Floor Manager and PA agreed with me. However, a few others seemed to not like my constructive criticism nor management. Due to being the Producer, I had been constantly reminding people to complete their tasks, making sure the running order and script were up to date and simply making sure everything is on track. However, when I genuinely spoke to a few members regarding their tasks, I felt neglected, ignored and therefore got very frustrated. I quickly tried to overcome their subtle ignorance, and throughout the whole session kept quiet and filled in for the VT.

To be honest, I do enjoy being the Producer (Its definitely something I want to pursue a career in, likewise being the Director), however, I feel as a great team on your side is significant. With no enthusiasm, limited crew and a high correlation of absent people, I don’t think its easy. Facing people who genuinely are not interested, is difficult. I am eager for a good grade, have an optimistic attitude towards the show and am constantly meeting my duties (as well as other roles). I am literally pursuing more than what my job role entails, which consists of script writing, VT (at times), Runner, helping out on set, being the Floor Manager for a session and researching. Gladly, the Director, Floor Manager and a few more people are on track, constantly on the go and are helping to get this show completed.

Apologies for the negativeness, however in this weekly update I believe that it is the only way to express my worries. Due to some of the crew not meeting their roles, I have to fill in for them, which is fairly distracting.

Thankfully, the credits and all the VT’s are now completed. They are up on the Mac and ready to go. Me and a few people also made a trip to the Costume/Props room where we have to go back on Monday to collect a few items.

Here is one our VT’s where our presenters ask the public a few spontaneous questions:

Overall, in our last session on Monday, everyone MUST be on time and simply get cracking with their duties. If everyone puts in the same amount of work, our production will sure go smoothly.

Support is essential, but unfortunately I’m not receiving it from my whole team.


3 thoughts on “A Productive Session – NET TV

    1. Well the Producer is the most important person in the Production, alongside the Director. The producer handles the budget, schedules, pre-production, everything before the actual shoot – to make sure everything runs smoothly. In terms of power, well on set its the Director, but technically the Producer has more control, as they’re also the decision maker. Without the Producer, the production may not be on track, as its their job to cast, set auditions, dates, meetings, etc.

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