Programme in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Today was our dress rehearsal for our live show, which is next week! All our guests were suppose to be in today for a practice session, likewise the set should have been properly sorted. However, this was all not done. It was quite a rough practice session where that ‘smooth’ factor was simply missing. Sometimes you just want to go and look for that ‘panic’ button alerting everyone that the show is just around the corner and there is no time to waste.

On a lighter now, I can finally say that our VT’s are completed, with only one short mash up VT pending (Hopefully it will be done by Wednesday). The graphics and credits are also thankfully completed where its great to see the content all in one place. After several prompts to the VT people, I was glad to see the videos were all edited in the precise times.

In terms of the props and pre-production I was all set and ready today with more than my duties accomplished. I had to fill in for the autocue today, as well as amend the script due to our writer being ill. I have also updated the Running order where it is now 12 minutes on the dot. Last week I had brought in frames for the set, where our set designers are working on the images. I also brought in two clipboards for our 20 second ‘Spontaneous moment’ in the show. This is where the presenters would randomly have to draw something, after an alert from a horn.

Looking at the performance slot, unfortunately it is still empty. I emailed around 5-10 magicians during the weekend, but all seem to be have a busy schedule. I am awaiting  an email from the Foghorn Improv group and hope its positive.

I also I created cue cards with NET TV’s logo on the back and the interview questions on the front. This was for the presenters to use for the interview slot.

net tv photoshop file Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 19.10.07

Overall, I feel as if we still need so much more practice, where our show needs to be much smoother and cleaner. With a few timing issues, I believe we will have to definitely work harder and keeping practicing through the show. We still have two more sessions left before our final day and hopefully it will seem more promising then. In tomorrows session we will focus on lighting and set design, as a few of our main crew will be absent.

The studio
The studio

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