Strum For Hope (Short Film) Please Support

μελαγχολία 3 οκ
Photography by Abartig Photography

Hope you are well. Sorry I haven’t been blogging regularily like before, I have been extremely busy with business summer events and Uni work. Though I have got a few reviews written, which I will publish very soon.

As some of you may know, I am shooting a short promotional Film for the LOROS Hospice Charity Organisation. As part of their charity, I am focusing on raising awareness on what they offer to a wide, diverse community. I am hopefully going to shoot the film at the end of may, beginning of June.

With that in mind, I have also begun planning my new Short Film, called ‘Strum For Hope’, in which I am in Pre-Production. I am aiming to raise money for the film via a Crowd Funding page using Kickstarter to raise £250. The money will be used for the shooting of the Film (location, props, expenses) as well as Post-Production (submitting to several local and international Film Festivals)

Below is a Short synopsis of ‘Strum For Hope’

Brooke is homeless. An unexpected situation, she never imagined to be part of. Losing her mother when she was young, her father remarried. Few years later her father left and Brooke was entrapped with her obedient step mum; Jill. With no support and lack of confidence, Brooke lost her hope to strive towards her goal. Brooke decides to leave home for good, where she believes the world out there is a better place to live in. Expressing her thoughts and feelings poetically, we see her explore the world, as she aims to save money for college.

“Some are born with a family, a career, a certain lifestyle, but some, some like me, we manifest those things through our journey, truly seeking hope within…” – Brooke

The project is live until the 3rd of June. It would be much appreciated it you could donate to the project as well as sharing it to your friends and family. From a small amount to a large amount, every penny is appreciated. You can donate here.

With my aspirations of becoming a Film Director, In my spare time I am trying to create as many short Films as I can, thus enhancing my portfolio. Therefore, I am trying to gain as much experience and practice as I can in order for me to become a better Film Maker.

It is a short film, mainly focused on one character, therefore I am creating this independently with help from a few family members (they’re awesome). With independent experience in creating  my first short film ‘Reality‘ in the past, I feel as if I am confident in bringing this story to life. Receiving several official selections and screenings at several Film Festivals, as well as a nomination at Inspire Film Festival, I am very determined in reaching my goals more than ever.

If you would also like to watch a recent Documentary film based on my Grandfather, which was created by myself and a great group of friends, you can watch that here.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.


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