Broadcast Update…To do List

In terms of the Broadcast TV Show, our group seems to be gradually getting together. Our live show is on the 14th of May and we still  haven’t got all the content ready. There are VT’s pending, a few performances need confirming and the lighting needs sorting out. People not showing up isn’t helping at all. As this means other people having to do 2 or even three tasks at the same time, thus distracting the show and delaying time.

On a lighter note, I have been absolutely busy with pre-production, researching and planning. From several emails to nearly 30 drafts of running orders, I feel as if my contribution is definitely quite high. Of course due to limited involvement from a few members, the work overload has increased, where we are starting to feel the pressure.

As for the performance slot, I have constantly been researching for an Spontaneous act whom could fill our 2-3 minute slot on the day. I have been in conversation with a local Magician, whom was very interested. However, due to another performance on the same day, he will be unavailable during those hours.

However, I currently in conversation with a Comedian act in, named ‘Foghorn Improv’. We haven’t yet recieved a confirmation, therefore we are keeping our options open and continuing to search for local Magicians (we like magicians  as its spontaneous!)

With only 11 days left, and four TV studio practice sessions beforehand, we have a lot to get on within so little time. As the Producer I have regularly been scheduling group meetings, taking trips to the Costume and Prop offices, staying in contact with the performers, keeping up with the running order, editing the scrip and helping with set. I constantly am alerting the group and making sure they have done the tasks by regularly prompting them.

To simplify the tasks, I have decided to create a To-Do-List. We did have a longer version, yet a few tasks have appeared to be completed, which of course is great.

To do list:

  • Costumes for Presenters
  • Props (Foghorn)
  • Titles/graphics/credits
  • Logo
  • Skype interview VT
  • Challenge VT 
  • Mash up of what’s coming up VT
  • Public VT 
  • Performance 30 sec VT
  • Confirm Performance
  • Interview Questions on Cards (with logo on back)
  • SET/Wallpaper/Frames

Having said that, we have got some great content for our show and if all pre-production is completed on time, our live show may go smoothly!


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