Despicable Me (2010) Film Review

“Its like my heart is a tooth, and it’s got a cavity that can only be filled with children.” – Gru

Directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud bring some humorous characters to life in an unforgettable animated tale. Gru’s (Steven Carell) evil intention to be the grand criminal is soon overcome by three beautiful girls. With focus on wanting to defeat his rival enemy Vector (Jason Segal), Gru’s mission is to steal the moon. Using the three innocent orphans as bait, he realizes their unconditional love is in reality making him a better person.

Yet will Gru change forever, or will he continue his evil plan to conquer the world?

Gru is a great yet a very different character. The illustration is simply impeccable, all his features; his skinny legs in contrast to his upper body weight, his linear nose and bald head all equal to make Gru. The seriousness on his face and evil actions are profoundly smooth. Likewise the love in his eyes, as a father figure is definitely transparent. His transformation is unwrapped gradually throughout the film where we begin to learn more about him. This which is also reflected in several flashbacks, making the audience aware of his neglected childhood and disgraceful mother… “eh”.

As I mentioned earlier, the illustration was exceptional. The way Gru’s house literally stood out from the rest was genius. His odd persona is captured through this creepy, Victorian house, reminding us of a horror film. His world is totally different, its like he’s living in his own weird planet, yet one which has cool gadgets which we continue to gawk at. Small props like the science experiments, inventions and the chamber beds all add to the genre. In particular the scene where Agnes gets trapped in the dangerous, spiky coffin is ultimately hilarious. You think the blood dripping connotes her death, yet it appears to be a juice box after all!

Agnes in Despicable Me

Though of course we can’t forget the little yellow minions. The random punches, weird sounds and superb language is simply adorable. Making you want a minion, you feel as if they deserve more screen time. Their slapstick comedy along with their helpful motives are hard to miss. Giggling their way through the film with most stupidest yet awesome jokes, the minions are the best feature of Despicable Me.

Overall, the story does take a few good minutes to fully get into where the character establishment is a little slow. However, after a good few crashes, Starbucks toppers and knocks here and there, Despicable Me sure is a hard-to-miss animation Film.

With Despicable Me 2 soon to be released, it seems to be just as promising. Take a look at the trailer…

My ratings: 8.5/10

Written by Meera Darji



11 thoughts on “Despicable Me (2010) Film Review

    1. Haha yeah its a crazy adventure! Thanks for reading 🙂 Wow thanks..just looked through the site- never knew what it was, Thanks for that, much appreciated!

    1. Wow that would be awesome!! I actually wished the minions had more screen time, that would be epic! Look forward for that! Can’t wait for the DM2 🙂

  1. Good review Meera. It’s sweet at times, but strictly for kids at the same time and after awhile I didn’t care all that much. The second one may be good, but so far: I don’t care much.

    1. Thank you for reading! Yeah I understand where your coming from, there were a few scenes which sort of drifted off, but overall a good Animation. Thanks once again for commenting 🙂

  2. Great review! Definitely one of my favorite animations. Looking forward to the second one! The teaser trailer before this trailer here was I can’t have anyone say potato next to me then I start doing that song they do…Have you seen it?

    1. Thanks for reading…yeah it sure is a great film. Lol I just watched the Banana and Potato teaser trailer…I can’t stop laughing hahaa! Its hilarious! The minions are simply amazing! ..Can’t wait for the 2nd Film 😀

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